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Masterclass on Derived Category Methods in Ring Theory

The Master Class takes place at the Department of Mathematics, Ny Munkegade 118, 8000 Aarhus C.  Lectures are held in Auditorium D1, Problems Classes in the "MatLab" suite.

The schedule and programme of the Master Class are available.

The Master Class is based on the book Derived Category Methods in Commutative Algebra by Christensen, Foxby, and Holm.

Taught by Lars Winther Christensen and Henrik Holm at Aarhus University 13-16 August 2024 (travel days: 12 and 17 August 2024)

Starting from the category of modules over a ring we construct the derived category and the accompanying derived versions of the Hom and tensor product functors. We show how this framework applies to studies of rings and modules. In particular, we demonstrate how, even if one is focused on modules, the derived category is the natural context for homological studies. We also show how ring-theoretic properties, such as being Iwanaga-Gorenstein or regular, are reflected in the derived category.

The intended audience are PhD students, postdocs, and anyone else wishing to learn these methods.  There will be eight lectures and several problem sessions.

Local organisers: Esther Banaian, Raphael Bennett-Tennenhaus, Karin M. Jacobsen, David Nkansah, Amit Shah, and Peter Jørgensen.