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Academic Programme

See the full preliminary programme here.

Daily programme

In the programme, you will find the slots of the various ECREA Thematic Sections, Temporary working groups and Networks as well as information on where and when they are taking place.

The academic Programme is spread around the Aarhus University Campus – we used geographic navigation for easier orientation. Orientation map available soon.

South – Lake Auditorims Building

Registration, Posters, Upload Centre, streaming room for plenary sessions, Welcome reception

North – Aula

Main Plenary session room, Exhibition, Farewell drink, relaxing zone

East– BSS Building

Kantine / Lunches, session rooms

West – Mathematical and Chemical Science Building

Kantine / Luch (diets), relaxing zone, kids’ corner

Instructions for presenters                              

For detailed instructions  how to prepare your presentation click here

Paper / Panel Presentation

The speakers are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order/ graphics etc). Each speaker should also make sure that the room and time of her/his session has not changed. Please kindly double-check by consulting the final conference programme and onsite communication.

Language and Timing

Presentation and questions must be delivered in English. Usually, a panel consists of 5 presentations ad all parallel panels last 1 hour and30 min. In panels with 5 presentations, each presenter will have 15 min at most. After the presentations, presenters and audience can discuss for 15 minutes at the end of the session. Timing is crucial at the ECREA 202 conference and so we kindly as you not to go beyond your time limit.

Uploading your Presentation

Your presentation must be handed over the ECREA2022 staff on USB stick (or similar device) in the Upload centre.

The Upload Centre is located at Lake Auditorium (South) building

Your presentation must be uploaded as early in advance as possible but AT THE LATEST 2 HOURS BEFORE the beginning of your session. Presentations scheduled in early morning sessions (starting at 9:00) should be uploaded the evening before.

Upload Center Opening hours

Wednesday, 19 October      14:00-19:00

Thursday, 20 October           8:00-19:30

Friday, 21 October                 8:00-18:00

Saturday, 22 October            8:00-15:00

Technicians will help you with uploading your presentation in the onsite presentation system with any modifications needed. All presentations uploaded to the onsite presentation system will be automatically distributed to the room in which the presentation is taking place. Consequently, once uploaded to the presentation system, presenters will access their presentation directly through the laptop placed in the session room.

In the Session Room

Once you enter the session room in which your presentation will take place, you will find your presentation ready on the presentation screen. In every session room, there will be an assistant showing you how to operate your presentation, remote control, etc.

Please, do not come at last minute with your own laptop, you will not be able to connect it. As mentioned, all the presentations must be uploaded to the Upload Centre at least 2 hours in advance. All session rooms will be accessible 30 minutes before your session starts. If any problems occur, please refer to the conference staff present in each lecture room.

Instruction for Chairs

Chairs are responsible for starting the session on time. The chairperson should be active in keeping the time of each presentation to have time for questions and discussions at the end of each panel. Assisting staff members will help in the case of technical issues.