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Filmby Aarhus: A Look into the future of the film, media, and gaming industry 


How to get to Filmby Aarhus

Getting to Filmbyen pick-up spot:

A bus will pick up participants at 17:00 at Wilhelm Meyers Allé, which is close to Søauditorierne (South Lake). The bus has one stop at Dokk1 before arriving at FIlmbyen. In doubt about how to get there, look out for the Rethink Impact t-shirts.

Getting there yourself:

You can easily access Filmby Aarhus on your own, if you prefer. Filmby Aarhus is located at Filmbyen 23, 8000 Aarhus, and is reachable by bus, light rail, or foot. The programme begins 17:30, so make sure to be there in time.

Walking distance (from Søauditorierne): 2,6 km 
Walking time: 32 minutes



17:30 Welcome at Dabba Canteen with beers from Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri

17:40 Introduction to Filmby Aarhus by Theresa Valbæk

17:50 Extended Reality within fashion and art, presented by the company MANND

18:15 Virtual Reality as learning tool in the healthcare industry, presented by the company AATE VR

18:40 Motion Capture in animation, presented by the company Rokoko Electronics.

19:05 Tour around Filmby Aarhus

Filmby Aarhus is at the forefront of ensuring the dissemination of new initiatives and technologies to local partners and companies. At the Impact Tour to Filmby Aarhus attendees gain insights into what the future holds for the development of film and gaming production. 

Filmby Aarhus is an epicenter of creative development within the media industry. With more than 100 companies gathered in Filmby Aarhus’s buildings their business park covers several aspects of the media industry, but primarily have companies that work within film, games, and media.  


Cutting-edge technology 

Filmby Aarhus is located by the dock and harbour near the city centre, but their activities extend to a wider extent by virtue of their involvement in all of Jutland. They are part of Aarhus Municipality’s investment in the film- and media area and are in this way an important element in focusing on the city’s as well as Jutland’s cultural strengths through film and media production.  

With their latest venture, ‘MiXR Lab’ Filmby Aarhus has opened the doors to a new studio with cutting-edge technology in Extended Reality (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality), 3D Scanning, Virtual production and Motion Capture. MiXR Lab was created in collaboration with various partners and will be accessible to the many tenants in Filmby Aarhus’ business park as well as other film, game and XR companies in and around Aarhus. The investment is meant to contribute to further development of the local gaming, film and XR environment.  

Rethink Impact 

Filmby Aarhus hosts various knowledge sharing and networking events, workshops, open labs and more. Here, companies get access to explore multiple technologies and equipment. This practice supports the local development among companies in and around Aarhus as well as the continued development of the film, media, and gaming industry. By sharing their insights, platform, and equipment, Filmby Aarhus rethinks how companies can benefit from each other and thereby help to push the boundaries of what is possible. In addition, Filmby Aarhus supports new entrepreneurs by having developed an incubation environment where they allow new companies to access and share resources as well as give them the opportunity to give and receive professional feedback from industry partners.   


The Impact Tour at Filmby Aarhus 

At the impact tour attendees will be shown around by a house representative, will have the opportunity to see the inside of the newly founded MiXR Lab, and get a close look at the cutting-edge technology. Attendees will be presented with insights into the film, media and gaming industry and thereby gain an insight into what the future holds. The Impact Tour will end with the possibility to network with representatives. 

Practical information: 

Date: 21 October 

Time: 17.30-19.30 

Location: Filmbyen 23, 8000 Aarhus C 


Sign up here for the Filmby Aarhus Impact Tour when you register for the conference and join us the 21 October 2022 for a glimpse into the future of the film and gaming branch. 

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