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The People’s University (Folkeuniversitetet) presenting: The Nordic World - The Happiest People on Earth 


How to get to Folkeuniversitetet (Studenterhuset)

Getting to Folkeuniversitetet (Studenterhuset) pick-up spot:

We will walk from Nordre Ringgade, outside Det Kgl. Bibliotek at 17:15. In doubt when getting there, look out for the Rethink Impact t-shirts.  
Walking distance: 260 meters 
Walking time: 4 minutes

Getting there yourself:

You can easily access Studenterhuset on your own, if you prefer. Studenterhuset is located at Nordre Ringgade 3, 8200 Aarhus N and is reachable by bus or foot. The programme begins 17:30, so make sure to be there in time.



17:30 Welcome Beer at the Café in Studenterhuset.

17:45 Presentation of Folkeunivsersitetet (The People’s University)

18:00 Lecture with Christian Bjørnskov on: The Nordic World – The Happiest People on Earth.

18:40 Time for Networking and Socialising

Further beverages can be bought from Studenterhus café.

Many experts attribute the Nordic region’s high levels of happiness to factors such as greater relative national wealth, well-functioning institutions, or welfares state model. Professor of economics at Aarhus University Christian Bjørnskov argues that the true key to national happiness is social trust – the ability to trust other people one does not know personally. 

This research is presented in a short 40 min. lecture – (and in the book “Happiness” which is part of the new Nordic world book series where different aspects of the Nordic World are presented). This impact tour is arranged by Folkeuniversitetet (The People’s University) who rethink how to provide and convey research to the public and society. Their mission is to make knowledge accessible and easily approachable to everyone.   


Rethink Impact

Folkeuniversitetet offers a wide range of lectures and events within the fields of society, history, technology, health, natural science, psychology, philosophy, art, culture, organization, and management. They are rethinking how to convey knowledge in new ways. Every semester they host events with a ‘twist’ such as historic visits, ‘knowledge brunch’, company visits, book exhibitions, site visits to festivals, and much more. While their core product is classic lectures, they strive to develop and add new, exciting dimensions to traditional lectures. 


The Impact tour information: 

Conference guest are invited to join the lecture and a discussion about the meaning of social trust when regarding happiness in the Nordic World.  

Practical Info 

Date: 21 October  

Time: 17.30-19.30 

Location: Studenterhus Aarhus, Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus 


Sign up for the Impact Tour to Folkeuniversitetet when registering for the conference.  

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