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KØN – Gender Museum Denmark: Conversations about Gender and Communication Research

How to get to KØN

Getting to KØN pick-up spot:

We will walk from Bartholins Allé 4, outside building 1262 at 17:05. In doubt when getting there, look out for the Rethink Impact t-shirts.  

Walking distance: 1,3 km 
Walking time: 16 minutes

Getting there yourself:

You can easily access KØN on your own, if you prefer. KØN is located at Domkirkepladsen 5, 8000 Aarhus C, and is reachable by bus or foot. The programme begins 17:30, so make sure to be there in time.



17:30 Arrival and time to see the Museum

17:55 Discussion with Signe Uldbjerg Mortensen, Postdoc, working in the intersection of gender, sexual violence, and digital media research, University of Southern Denmark. 

18:20 Pause

18:35 Discussion with Jakob Svensson, Professor, with research interests including LGBTQ visibility, experiences, and political participation in digital spaces, Malmö University.

19:00 Pause

19:15 Discussion with Greta Gober, Principal Investigator in a research project on Diversity Management as Innovation in Journalism, focusing on power relations and identities in media organizations, University of Warsaw. 

19:40 Networking, Socialising and ‘Hygge’

NB: The museum closes at 20:00


With a focus on gender and culture the Danish Museum KØN creates curiosity, dialogue, and knowledge on the significance of gender – historically, currently and in the future. Explore the museum and dive into the Danish and international historical development of gender.  

During the impact tour Valentyna Shapovalova, PhD fellow and a representative from the ECREA section Gender, sexuality and Communication, will host a live-recorded podcast with conversations about Gender and Communication Research in one of the exhibition areas. 


The history behind KØN – Gender Museum Denmark 

KØN, which was founded in 1982, started as a museum association called ‘Kvindemuseet’ (Women’s Museum) with a dual purpose of building a women’s museum and creating jobs for women. It was the 1970s women’s movement that gave rise to interdisciplinary studies at universities and from here arose the idea of a women’s museum. A place where results from women’s research could benefit broad circles, as well as a place where one could continuously collect information regarding women’s cultural history.  

Since the founding of KØN, much has happened in the relationship between the sexes. The cultural heritage rests in its places on old divisions between gender and roles, while the present allows freer expression of all genders. It is within this mindset that the KØN museum changed its name from Womens Museum to Gender Museum. Gender is a development in our culture understood in a broader perspective and involves everyone across gender. 

Rethink Impact 

KØN creates dialogues about the meaning of gender and strengthens the will for an equal society. At present time, KØN is one of the few museums of its kind in the world. With a focus on gender and equality KØN has for more than 30 years expressed inequality regarding the female role in the Danish society and has over time developed to include a larger debate concerning all genders. KØN Rethinks Impact by exhibiting artifacts and conveying cultural history relevant to societal debates.  


The Impact Tour at KØN 

We invite guests to listen to the conversations hosted by Valentyna Shapovalova as part of their exploration of the museum. The guests will include scholars from all stages in the academic ladder that operate in the interdisciplinary sphere of gender and communication research. Each conversation will take around 30 mins and there will be breaks in between. You are welcome to stop by for one conversation, or stay for all of them, while exploring the museum in the breaks. In the museum, you will find exhibitions such as Gender Blender, Astrid Lindgren - the Activist, and the Former City Council Hall. 

This Impact tour is supported by DM (Dansk Magisterforening)


Practical information: 

Date: 21 October 

Time: 17:30-20:00 

Location: Domkirkepladsen 5, 8000 Aarhus C 

Sign up here for the KØN Impact Tour when you register for the conference and join us the 21 October 2022. 

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