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The Kitchen: A Place for Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Field of Education and Research. 

How to get to The Kitchen

Getting to The Kitchen pick-up spot:

We will walk from Wilhelm Meyers Allé, at Søauditorierne just outside building 1251 at 17:15. In doubt when getting there, look out for the Rethink Impact t-shirts.

Walking distance: 450 meters 
Walking time: 6 minutes 

Getting there yourself:

You can easily access The Kitchen on your own, if you prefer. The Kitchen is located at Universitetsbyen 14, 8000 Aarhus C and is reachable by bus or foot. The programme begins 17.30, so make sure to be there in time.



17:30 Arrival 

17:45 Welcome and Presentation of The Kitchen by Adriana Maria Hansen

18:00 Storytelling Media - Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern og Thomas Brahe 

18:25 Nifty Nordic - Camilla Struck og Maria Mi Nielsen

18:50 Networking, Socialising and ‘Hygge’ 


Aarhus is home to a booming startup ecosystem. One of the city’s startup hubs is The Kitchen, who offers a place for entrepreneurs and innovators to be inspired and get help to develop their businesses and ideas.  Join the Impact Tour to The Kitchen for a unique look into their innovative environment at Aarhus University. 

The Kitchen is located in the historic community hospital buildings in Aarhus, where the old hospital’s kitchen used to be. The Kitchen offers a space to help startups and spin-outs to grow their businesses. They house AU Entrepreneurs, established startups, corporate partners, as well as private and public investors.  

The Kitchen hosts more than 200 events yearly with inspirational and professional talks, networking and social events, investor events, workshops, pitch sessions, and more. Most of them are open to everyone. 

Rethinking Impact 

One of the main aims of The Kitchen is to help innovators realize their ideas, build their businesses and help them increase impact. They strive to be a place where innovation and collaboration go hand in hand. They make a virtue out of connecting students and researchers with the corporate sector and startup community outside the university. According to The Kitchen: “Only together we can tackle the big challenges of tomorrow.” 

The Impact Tour at The Kitchen 

The Impact Tour will take place Friday 21 October 2022 at The Kitchens industrial environment in the upcoming part of AU Campus ‘University city’. The attendees will be invited to a presentation of this innovative hub and introduced to various startups mainly from students in some way studying media and communication. We invite you to rethink the way innovation and entrepreneurship can be combined with research and education. The Impact Tour will end with the possibility to network with representatives. 

Practical Info 

Date: 21 October  

Time: 17.30-19.30 

Location: The Kitchen, Universitetsbyen 14, 8000 Aarhus C 


Sign up for the Impact Tour to The Kitchen when registering for the conference.  

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