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Social and Cultural Programme

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception is held at the lake auditoriums, which are beautifully placed by the lake in South of the park of the University. The conference opening and plenary session will be “split” between The North and South Campus, because the Aula has only 425 seats available. Streaming option will be available in the South Campus. If you are attending the conference opening and plenary session in the Aula in North Campus you will need to walk down to the Lake auditoriums in South to enjoy the Welcome reception. Follow our volunteers. 

Entrance for the welcome reception is included in the registration fee. 

Date: Wednesday, 19 October, 19:00 
Address: Bartholins Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus 

The event is supported by Aarhus Municipality and the School of Communication and Culture of Aarhus University.


Conference Party

The conference party will take place 20 October at Godsbanen in the city centre of Aarhus. The unique venue constitutes an urban setting for the conference party and invites guests to get a feeling of how Aarhus exudes a diverse and cultural sphere. 


Rethink Impact: From old cargo railway station to cultural and creative powerhouse 

Godsbanen is a Cultural Production Center and a creative powerhouse in the new city district of Aarhus with various social and cultural events taking place throughout the year such as concerts, exhibitions, performances, and markets. Godsbanen opened in 2012 in the buildings of an old freight train station and has since then supported the development of cultural skills and knowledge for citizens.  


The dining: 

Dining is catered by Spiselauget. A restaurant inspired by the phenomenon Gastro Pub, - an abbreviation of Gastronomy and Public House. Spiselauget is an open and popular dining house where culture, food and people can meet around sustainable solutions, combined with high quality. 



The party will mainly take place in Godsbanens ‘Rå hal’ (Raw Hall) where the temperature will be affected by the autumn weather. Therefore, we encourage guests to wear sensible shoes and dress accordingly to the Scandinavian setting for this event.  

Date: 20 October at 8 pm. 

Address: Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus 

More information about the venue and dining here. 


Bus transfer

It will be possible to get to the conference party with an arranged bus transfer. Between 19:15-20:15, multiple busses will be able to pick up ECREA-participants and drive them to Godsbanen where the party will be held. The pick-up transportation will carry on continously. 

The busses will pick up participants at 19:15 at Wilhelm Meyers Allé, in front of Søauditorierne (South Lake). In doubt about how to get there, look out for the Rethink Impact t-shirts.


Impact Tours

An addition to this year’s ECREA 2022 program will be the launch of the format Impact Tours. The Impact Tours will allow a group of conference attendees to get a concrete insight into the Danish legacy partners where they will have the opportunity to meet professionals who keep their finger on the pulse. Read more about the different tours here.



The YECREA party will take place on Friday, 21st October, from 20:30 onwards until 2:00, at ‘Stakladen’ – an eclectic live music venue that has been around since 1964 supporting up-and-coming artists. Located on Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the main conference venue at Aarhus University.

Participants will receive a drink voucher at the door, which they will able to enjoy on the dance floor, or hanging out by one of the many standing tables and sitting areas.

Date: Friday, 21 October 20.30 

Adress: Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C 

Farewell Reception

The farewell reception takes place in the northern part of campus in the unique setting of the Museum of Ancient Art and Vandrehallen at North Campus. Please join us for the last event of the conference where we serve a beer from the local craft brewery Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri. 

Entrance for the Farewell reception is included in the registration fee. 

Date: Saturday, 22 October, 18:00 

Adress: Victor Albecks Vej 3 / Nordre Ringgade 4, 8000 Aarhus C