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Special ECREA bus and lightrail ticket to increase sustainable travel options

The local organising committee at Aarhus University and ECREA will offer a sustainable solution to get around in Aarhus from 19-22 October through a discounted ECREA 2022 ticket for public transport.   

The special bus ticket is also valid for usage in Letbanen (The lightrail) and allows conference participants to travel in a sustainable manner in Aarhus, a handy alternative to bringing your car or using a taxi. Public transport it an easy way to get around in the Aarhus Region. Online services and apps such as Rejseplanen’ (The Travel Plan) and ‘Midttrafik’ (The Municipal Bus Company) offer guidance and show transport options in real-time. 

The ticket covers 13 zones in Aarhus center and will be available through Midttrafik’s app (available in Google Play and Apple App store) a week before the conference. The price is 180 DKK and can be paid by credit card. Children under the age of 12 are free to travel when accompanied by an adult. Find more information here.  

If you do not want to use the app, tickets can also be bought at vending machines located at light rail stops and the main station. For light rail, tickets need to be purchased for 2 or 3 zones before you board the train. On buses, there are still vending machines operated with coins. Newer buses do not have this option anymore. The easiest way to travel in Aarhus is to get a prepaid travel card without personalisation - Rejsekort from the 7-Eleven kiosk at the main station for 80DKK. You can recharge these cards at vending machines and check in and out for every ride you take. It is possible to take more than one person on one card but they need to be added to the ride upon check-in. The ECREA 2022 discount will not be applied when travelling with Rejsekort.

The discounted ticket for conference participants is part of our commitment to increase the sustainability of ECREA conferences

Download Midttrafiks app: