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Bringing children

Aarhus has a lot to offer for children of any age. Bring children along for a trip to one of Aarhus’ many playgrounds or visit some of Aarhus’ tourist attractions like The Old Town Museum for a trip back in time.

ECREA 2022 takes place during a public holiday week in Denmark. Many tourist attractions will be very crowded. You can plan your visit and reserve tickets well before. Please check the relevant opening and closing times.

Discover below what Aarhus has to offer for children. We have sorted the activities for children starting with the campus, closing vicinity and further afield.


On Campus

The conference takes place in and around the University Park and it is possible to access and utilize several different activities in the surrounding area of the campus.


Around Campus

Several playgrounds and tourist attractions that cater to children are located around the campus venue. Go on a discovery tour outside the campus and explore some of the cultural activities Aarhus has to offer.


Further Away