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CONFERENCE organized by the ECREA section ’Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction’ (ICSI)

  • Addressing the Role of Media in Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction

  • – in Different Contexts and Professions

Themes and perspectives

The title of the conference, Addressing the role of media in interpersonal communication and social interaction – in different contexts and professions, reflects some of the relevant and interesting themes and discussions within the ICSI section, such as, for instance: 

  • Online intimacy
  • Social interaction and social media
  • The new-ness and old-ness of new media?
  • Is there anything beyond media??
  • When is interpersonal communication (ever) (non-)mediated?
  • Participatory culture as social interaction in a digital age
  • The use of media in professional communication
  • How do different professionals and professions address the challenge of (new) media?
  • Remediation of interpersonal communication and social interaction
  • Etc etc


  • Klaus Bruhn Jensen, professor, University of Copenhagen, DK: There is no such thing as unmediated communication: Media of three degrees.                  
  • Malene Charlotte Larsen, associate professor, Aalborg University, DK: Social Initimacy in Social Media: How youth practice friendships and construct identity online?
  • Pekka Isotalus, professor, School of Communication, Media and Theatre, University of Tampere, Finland: Communication competence and new challenges of politicans: From public speaking to live-tweeting.