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One for all – all for one

The overall theme of the 2021 conference is “One for all – all for one” highlighting that both first year students, older students, academic teachers and administrative staff all have an important part to play in integrating the newly arrived students in the best possible way.

The conference addresses the following three subthemes:

Being and becoming a first year student

The aim of the theme is to increase our understanding of the first year students: Who are they? What do we know about them? How can we help them thrive at the university? The theme addresses topics like:

  • Students' background and academic pathways
  • Expectations and experiences
  • Student agency and sense of belonging
  • Retention and resilience


Teaching first year students

The aim of the theme is to explore different aspects of first year didactics: How do we design courses that support students’ learning and cultivate them into their discipline. The theme addresses topics like:

  • Scaffolding the transition - Learning design for first year students
  • Feedback and formative assessment
  • Academic literacy and self-regulated learners
  • Qualification and cultivation


Supporting the transition

The aim of the theme is to discuss how we best support the development of the students as strong and whole students in the transition from upper secondary school to university: How can one be both a successful student and a whole human being in rapid development? The theme addresses topics like:

  • Recruitment at eye-level / Matching expectations recruitment
  • Digital support of the transition to and the first time at the university
  • The importance of having the whole student as focus
  • Supporting the process of change (Onboarding)


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