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Conference platform

Participants for the EFYE 2021 online conference has been sent login information for the conference platform.

Programme outline

The live programme of the online EFYE2021 conference stretches over three days with a scheduled program each day from 9.00am to 12.30pm. We will devote a day to each of the announced themes and gives delegates flexibility as to take care of other obligations and/or get a break from the screen.

Afternoons are thus free for delegates to engage in informal networking facilitated by the online conference platform or to attend locally initiated events that follow up on the theme of the day. Local events are encouraged, but not facilitated by the organizing committee. 

Online conference presentation formats 

Live parallel sessions for the EFYE2021 conference will be sorted according to three different presentation formats: thematically grouped paper sessions, interactive workshops, & live poster sessions. 

NB! The online conference format requires changes in the original presentation formats. Abstract authors will be contacted directly.  

Additionally, we encourage all contributors enlisted for the postponed 2020 event to submit a short video pitch (max. 5 minutes) of their presentation, that can serve as basis for networking and knowledge sharing using the conference online platform. We hope to make these short video pitches available one week ahead of the live conference.  

Submission closed

As we are hosting the event postponed from 2020 the EFYE2021 will not open for new abstract submissions. We encourage all interested future contributors to register for the conference and engage actively with the contributors of 2020/2021 and hope for your continuing interest in 2022.   


Contact us through efye2021@au.dk or follow us on facebook and twitter.