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The EIPPEE Conference 2016

  • Advancing the use of Research in Education across Europe
  • Copenhagen 8-9 November 2016

Advancing the use of Research in Education across Europe

The fourth International Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe (EIPPEE) Conference 2016

There is a continuing focus on and raising awareness amongst key stakeholders on how to promote the use of research in education across Europe. The key questions that will be addressed at the 2016 EIPPEE-conference will include:

  • What promotes and hinders the implementation of research-based knowledge in schools? 
  • How can research results best be given back to teachers?
  • What are the pros and cons with experimental research in an educational context?
  • How can teachers be used in creating an evidence-informed education system?

There will be a focus on learning from case examples and existing research on how to promote and support an evidence-informed approach in education across Europe. Keynotes and workshops will provide room for interaction between speakers and audience. The conference is aimed at researchers, policy makers, analysts, teachers, teacher associations, administrators, managers, trade union leaders, students and others with an interest in advancing the use of research in education across Europe.

The conference will be held in English.


What enables effective implementation of evidence in schools

  • Associate professor, Head of Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Camilla Dyssegaard

How to give research results back to teachers?

  • Professor Steve Higgins
  • Professor Bengt Persson

Experimental research with the aim of arriving at “evidence informed education” in policy and practice.

  • Professor Terje Ogden
  • Professor Niels Egelund

Keynote: The role of teachers in creating an evidence-based education system

  • James Richardson, Senior Analyst at the Education Endowment Foundation
  • Alex Quigley, Director of Research and Learning at Huntington School, York

Time and place

  • 8-9 November 2016
  • Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, DK - 2400 Copenhagen NV