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European Network of Palm Scientists
Annual meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, 20-21st April 2024


The European Network of Palm Scientists cordially invites all researchers with interests in palms to join us for our annual meeting at Aarhus University on 20-21st April 2024. The meeting will feature talks and posters from all areas of palm science, as well as informal discussions aiming to foster future collaborations on palms. This informal meeting is intended to be a supportive environment for researchers at all career stages to present their findings, but especially students and early career researchers. EUNOPS and its meetings are not exclusive to European researchers - researchers from any part of the globe are extremely welcome to participate.

There is no registration fee to attend this meeting. A modest fee is charged for the conference dinner.

The European Network of Palm Scientists (EUNOPS) is an informal association of biologists with a wide spectrum of research interests in palms (Arecaceae or Palmae). The network, established in 2001, exists to facilitate exchange of information on palm research taking place in Europe, and to promote integration and collaboration. EUNOPS meetings have been held annually since the network's inception providing a regular forum for face-to-face discussions and research presentations. The meetings have taken place at different European venues each year and have a strong emphasis on student/postdoctoral research and lively debate.

Contact:  -  Scientific programme Paola de Lima Ferreira    -  Logistical matters Dennis Pedersen