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Programme for Thursday 22 September

Time Doctors' session Nurses' session
8:30 Registration (Nordic IHPBA and SNHCC)
9:00 Welcome by local organizers
9:05 Welcome by the president (Roland Andersson)
9:10 - 10:30

Pancreas and biliary
– Chair Jan Storkholm and Frank Viborg Mortensen.

  • 9:10: Multidisiplinary management of walled-off necrosis.
    Srdan Novovic, Hvidovre and Morten Laksáfoss Lauridsen
  • 9:30: Locally advanced pancreatic cancer – Surgical resection.
    Jan Henrik Storkholm, Rigshospitalet.
  • 9:50: Danish National Pancreatic Cancer MDT – Experience from the first three years.
    Jens Georg Hillingsø, Rigshospitalet.
  • 10:05: Pemigatinib - first targeted treatment for cholangiocarcinoma.
    Britta Weber, Aarhus.

10:20: Welcome by Sponsors of Nordic IHPBA

10:30 Coffee break & exhibition
10:50 - 11:30

Pancreas and biliary - continued

  • 10:50: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma diagnosis.
    Roland Anderson, Lund.
  • 11:10: PIPAC (Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy) treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis.
    Martin Graversen, Odense.
11:30 - 12:30

Robotic assisted HPB
– Chair Peter Nørgaard Larsen and Paul Krohn.

  • 11:30: Pancreatic resection.
    Stefan Kobbelgaard Burgdorf.
  • 11:50: Liver resection.
    Niclas Kvarnström, Sahlgrenska.
  • 12:10: Training Robotic assisted HPB.
    Daisuke Fukumori and Christoph Tschuor, Rigshospitalet.
12:30 Lunch & exhibition
13:30 Nordic IHPBA Presidential address
– Roland Andersson, Lund
13:50 - 15:30

Nordic studies ongoing and future
– Chair Frank Viborg Mortensen and Claus Wilki Fristrup.

  • 13:50: ASAC Trial, Scandinavian Livermet Study.
    Sheraz Yaqub, Oslo.
  • 14:10: PREPOSTEROUS trials - Pre- versus postoperative initiation of thromboprophylaxis in HPB surgery.
    Ville Sallinen, Helsinki.
  • 14:30: Stereotactic body radiation therapy vs. microwave ablation for colorectal cancer patients with metastatic disease in the liver – a randomized phase II trial.
    Signe Lenora Risumlund, Rigshospitalet.
  • 14:50: Diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of gallbladder cancer in Nordic countries.
    Sini Takala / Ville Sallinen, Helsinki.
  • 15:10: Thromboprophylaxis and activation of coagulation during
    neoadjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer - association
    with prognosis and recurrence.

    Hanna Seppänen, Helsinki
  • 15:20: NEW COMET» , a randomized trial of thermal ablation and resection of colorectal cancer liver metastases. 
    Ingrid Schrøder Hansen, Oslo

Extra presentations:

  • The ISCOLIM trial: Improving Survival of Colo-rectal Liver Metastases by RFA-mediated Immuno-stimulation.
    Julie Andrea Lund, Aarhus
  • Routine MRI in pancreatic cancer diagnostics - Protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
    Jakob Kirkegaard, Aarhus 

Nurses' Programme - The patient journey
Chair: Ida Hovdenak and Charlotte Østenfjeld Beck

  • 13:50: Welcome and Introduction.
    Ida Hovdenak.
  • 14:00: Preoperative exercise training during neoadjuvant treatment before upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery.
    Casper Simonsen, PhD, Center for Aktiv Sundhed, Rigshospitalet.
  • 14:30: Nursing in fast-track patient pathways.
    Lene Bitsch Skifter, Jane Bay Hansen and Mia Helton Jensen, coordinating nurses, Aarhus University Hospital.
  • 15:05: Break
  • 15:25: National guidelines for symptom care for patients with pancreatic cancer.
    Amy Daugaard Asmussen, nurse. Oncological Department, Aarhus University Hospital.
  • 16:00: Nurse-led follow-up of patients after upper abdominal cancer (40 min).
    Lise Munk Plum, clinical nurse specialist. Surgical department, Rigshospitalet.
  • 16:40-17:00: Sum up and evaluation.
15:30 Coffee, exhibition & networking
15:50 - 17:00

Young investigator presentations – Liver/Pancreas/Biliary
7 min./2 min.each
– Chair Anders Riegels Knudsen and Peter Jepsen.

Abstract session:

  1. Periodontitis increases the risk of complications after pancreatic surgery.
    Kethe Hermunen, Helsinki
  2. Cholangitis and interruption of chemotherapy predict reduced overall survival in pancreatic cancer.
    Sini Vehviläinen, Helsinki
  3. Genetics and therapeutic responses to TIL therapy of pancreatic cancer PDX models.
    Caroline Vilhav, Sahlgrenska
  4. A phase II-study of electroporation potentiated immunotherapy in liver metastatic pancreatic cancer (EPIC-1).
    Rasmus Virenfeldt Flak, Aalborg
  5. Promoter hypermethylation of SFRP1 as a prognostic and predictive blood-based biomarker in patients with localized pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
    Stine Dam Henriksen, Aalborg
  6. Preoperatively suspected gallbladder cancer improves survival compared to incidental gallbladder cancer in pT3 patients.
    Carolina Muszynska, Lund
  7. Development and external validation of DISPAIR fistula risk score for clinically relevant postoperative pancreatic fistula risk after distal pancreatectomy.
    Akseli Bonsdorff, Helsinki
  8. C-reactive protein identifies patients at risk of postpancreatectomy hemorrhage.
    Caroline Vilhav, Sahlgrenska
17:00 The most important HPB papers in 2020-2022
– Kjetil Søreide, Bergen.
17:20 Break
17:30 Nordic Chapter IHPBA - General assembly
17:45 Social event starting  at Salling Rooftop Social event starting  at Salling Rooftop

Programme for Friday 23 September

Time Doctors' session
8:30 Registration
(SNHCC only participants)
9:00 Welcome by the president
(Gerda Elisabeth Villadsen)
9:05 - 10:20

- Chair Peter Jepsen and Ville Sallinen.
- Panel: Ville Sallinen, Åsmund Avdem Fretland and Ulrik Carling.

  • 9:05: Short update on the new BCLC algoritm.
    Peter Jepsen, Aarhus.
  • 9:10: Extended resection criteria for HCC.
    Åsmund Fretland, Oslo.
  • 9:30: Targeting population groups with heavier burden of hepatocellular carcinoma incidence: A nationwide descriptive epidemiology study in Sweden.
    Juan Vaz, Lund.
  • 9:50: Stereotactic radiotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma: 10 year single institution experience.
    Hanna R Mortensen, Aarhus.
  • 10:05: Selective internal radiotherapy treatment for HCC in Denmark, a retrospective study.
    Tine Nygaard Gregersen, Aarhus.
10:20 Coffee & exhibition
10:50 - 12:05 HCC
- Chair Per Staal and Kirsten Vistisen.
- Panel: Kirsten Vistisen, Malin Sternby Eilard and Fredrik O Åberg.
  • 10:50: Combination of circulating tumor DNA and traditional biopsy for evaluating prognosis and treatment in HCC.
    Stine Karlsen Oversøe, Aarhus.
  • 11:10: Personalized circulating tumor DNA in patients with resectable hepatocellular carcinoma: a pilot study.
    Hans Christian Pommergaard, Copenhagen.
  • 11:30: Randomized controlled trial for patients with HCC randomized to TACE or TACE and ablation.
    Kristina Hasselgren, Linköbing.
  • 11:45: Update on new medical treatments of HCC and the borderline between TACE and systemic treatment for HCC.
    Per Stål, Stockholm.
12:05 Summary of the SNHCC meeting
12:10 General Assembly SNHCC (for members)
12:30 Lunch & exhibition
13:30 - 14:30 Liver
– Chair Peter Nørgård and Gerda Elisabeth Villadsen
  • 13:30: Malignant indication for liver transplant in CRLM.
    Pål-Dag Line, Oslo.
  • 13:50: Transplantation criteria for HCC, the Milan criteria or beyond. Comparing strategies between countries.
    Malin Sternby Eilard, Sahlgrenska.
  • 14:10: Malignant indication for liver transplant in cholangiocarcinomas.
    Nicolai Aagaard Schultz, Rigshospitalet.
14:30 Summing up
– Nordic IHPBA chapter president Roland Andersson, Lund.
14:45 End of Annual meeting of the Nordic Chapter of IHPBA 2022

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