What to do in Aarhus

Conferences shouldn't all be about sitting inside....so no matter if you arrive a day early, leave a day late, if all excursions are fully booked or if you are looking for something in the evening: we have compiled some personal recommendations of our favorite spots in Aarhus for you.

Please be aware: the weather in Denmark can be lovely during the summer and this is of course what we are aiming for! But there is always a good chance of rain and an even higher probability of wind. Make sure to pack a rain jacket and a warm sweater, just in case.

Jørgens recommendation: Den Gamle By

This is Denmarks most famous Open-air-museum with buildings from different centuries, including not only the middle ages, but also the 1970s and, as newest addition, a typical street from 2014. If you want to travel in time, enjoy Danish history, experience different craftmanships and find lots of picturesque photo opportunities, this is definitely the place to go (Den Gamle By). It is located in the middle of Aarhus, within walking distance of the Botanical Garden and ArOS.

Diegos recommendation: International Food Market

If you are hungry and you are looking for a lively and good place to eat, you have to check out Aarhus Street Food near the train station. You will find all kinds of different, delicious and authentic food there for very reasonable prices. It can get crowded during peak times, but the hustling and buzzling definitely adds to the atmosphere. There is another Street Food Market called Markedshallen Nicolinenhus which is a bit calmer and smaller. It is situated at Aarhus Ø, a new city part with a harbor bath and lots of new architecture.  


ArOS is one of Denmarks most famous museums for Modern Art. It’s a place for inspiration and discussions and not only popular with adults, but also for families with children. The rainbow walk by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is a great way to experience Aarhus from above (Experience world-class art and great views of Aarhus - ARoS).

Birgits recommendation: The Botanic Garden

The botanical gardens are a great place for a relaxed walk, with beautiful trees and opportunities to sit and enjoy. The greenhouses host a large variety of different plants. They belong to Aarhus University and can be visited for free.

Hannes recommendation: The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter of Aarhus is one of the oldest parts of the city. It is filled with small (sometimes quite fancy) shops, restaurants and cafés and has a very vibrant atmosphere, especially during the summer months. Depending on where you stay, you can easily explore it when going back to your hotel – it will be a perfect ending of a long conference day.

Salling Rooftop

From the street, it might just look like a warehouse, but if you use the elevator and go to the very top, you will yourself at a rooftop terrace with cafés and a restaurant. The view from there is fantastic, and it is very nice to sit on the wooden stairs on a warm summer night and have a drink (Salling ROOFTOP Aarhus | Midt i byen | Salling).

Friederikes recommendation: Graffiti in Aarhus

In many ways, Aarhus is a city of contrasts. When walking around Aarhus, you might notice all different types of graffiti, old and new ones, from popular artists and unknown ones. It makes strolling down the streets a lot of fun. Let’s see how many you can find!

Klaus' recommendation: Aarhus harbor

Aarhus harbor used to be very industrial, but the city has made a lot of efforts during the last decades to turn it into a modern meeting place for the people in Aarhus. Dokk1 hosts both the Aarhus library and the citizen service offices including the immigration offices. If you continue down the harbor, you will pass Domen Aarhus, a community and co-creation project including a café, communal raised flower beds, hammocks and space for concerts, dance lessons or other events during the summer. Again a little bit further down is one of Aarhus newest quarters: Aarhus Ø, with a harbor bath, restaurants and new architecture. A good way to experience everything is by renting a bike – many hotels offer it as part of their service.

Camillas recommendation: The Infinity Bridge

Experience the awe-inspiring Infinite Bridge in Aarhus, a unique architectural structure stretching over the sea. Offering panoramic views of the city skyline and surrounding natural beauty, it's a must-visit attraction if you seek a blend of art, nature, and urban charm. Take a leisurely stroll along this circular wooden structure, immersing yourself in its atmosphere while feeling the gentle sea breeze. Whether for a peaceful moment of reflection or to capture stunning photographs, the Infinite Bridge promises a memorable experience for all visitors to Aarhus.