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Participation and Cultural Transformation

Trans-Disciplinary Perspectives and Cross-institutional Practices

January 14, 2015

The concept of participation

The concept of participation is experiencing its interdisciplinary heyday – not least due to a range of broad cultural and technological transformations that challenge established relations between e.g. media institutions and media users, citizens and authorities, companies and consumers, patients and health systems. However, participation is not only a descriptive concept that refers to actual social transformations, but also a normative ideal in several social fields and a strategic buzzword deployed to legitimize decisions and organizational changes. Therefore it is important to clarify how participation is actually practised and researched across disciplinary fields, and to discuss the value (or non-value) of acclaimed participatory processes.


The conference is organized as collaboration between the two research programs Cultural Transformation(s) at Aarhus University (Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication) and University of Southern Denmark (Dept. for the Study of Culture)