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Fundamental but often forgotten perspectives
on/in school and leadership

Fundamental and often forgotten perspectives
on/in School and Leadership

  • International Symposium at the Danish School of Education (DPU) in Copenhagen 10-11 October 2019

Background for the Symposium

School leaders and other school professionals in senior roles face a vast array of differing expectations, demands and formal requirements focused on the school’s day-to-day operations from various stakeholders that consume their time and garner most of their attention. Educational policy demands, in Scandinavia and many other educational systems, often focus on a view of school leadership rooted in the corporate sector, regarding the ‘school as a small business’ in terms of legislation, human resource management and financial management, and giving consideration to how school leaders can use performance data and ready-made best practice and ’what-works’ models of corporate management. These demands are rooted in the illusion that schools must implement national objectives within a framework established by national and municipal authorities.

However, these demands by no means provide a sufficient foundation for professional reflection on and practice of educational leadership. Educational professionals in management positions experience the resulting tensions every day. Schools and school leadership are subject to a more varied and complex array of expectations from society, culture, local communities, parents, students, history, and research. At the same time, the existing buildings and grounds, hierarchies and habits, technologies, and societal and cultural visions from both national and trans-national agents frame and condition these expectations. ’However, such aspects are not dealt with during training programmes for school leaders and are rarely explored in research on school leadership’.

We welcome post-docs, doctoral students and senior researchers to take part in this conference where we will seek to address these gaps in school leadership research and policy’.

The programme will be comprised of five keynotes and presentations of abstracts by participants. The intention is to create a creative meeting place where junior and senior researchers together can explore ’fundamental but often forgotten perspectives’ on schools and school leadership.

The Carlsberg Foundation supports the symposium

Time and place

  • Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date 10 & 11 October 2019
  • Registration starts 10 October at 11:00
  • Final Session ends 11 October at 13:00

Important dates

  • Submission of abstracts to e-mail:  leder2019.arts.edu@au.dk
  • Call for abstracts: 18 February to 16 May 2019 (response by 30 May 2019)
  • Registration opens 15th March 2019
  • Deadline for registering for the conference: 1 August 2019