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On sustainability and culture’s role in sustainable futures

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Time and place
On 28-31 October 2015, Aarhus University is hosting a conference on sustainability and culture's role in sustainable futures. The conference main venue is Moesgaard Museum - the brand new museum on prehistory and etnography.

Theme and background
RE-DO indicates that sustainability has been, is and has to become something we do as part of our everyday practices and living in order to matter. In this sense we view cultural sustainability not just as an add-on to environmental agendas, but as the very precondition for their long-term success.

Sustainability is already put to practice in every-day life, in citizen-based initiatives against food waste, in enterprising initiatives to avoid depopulation of outskirt regions, in integration initiatives targeting minority groups, immigrants and political refugees, and in all sorts of “green” initiatives in which citizens show care for biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues. Moreover, cultural sustainability may also serve as a productive focal point for rethinking policies and practices in traditional public sectors such as healthcare, education, children and elder care.

The form of the conference
The conference aims at facilitating new dialogues between academics and practitioners in which knowledge-sharing, learning and development is at the center. As much as presenting answers and worked-through solutions, the conference aims at asking questions and stimulating discussion and reflection. Therefore the participation is open to a broad category of people, including international guests.

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Part of European Capital of Culture in 2017

RE-DO is a part of a series of conferences leading to Aarhus being European Capital of Culture in 2017. The conferences address the three key values of Aarhus 2017:

2013: Democracy - Rethink participatory cultural citizenship
2015: Sustainabilty - RE-DO
2017: Diversity

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Film from the conference

See film from the conference at

Free admission to the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus

The Sustainability Safari on Friday will take you to the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus. If you wish to visit the museum on your own later on please note your conference material include a free ARoS voucher, which you are welcome to use any time during opening hours. See opening hours.

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