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Trans-European online seminar

Science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment

Held 16-17 March 2021


The first trans-European seminar in the field of agriculture, food, climate and environment was held as a webinar on 16-17 March 2021.

The objective of the seminar was to facilitate exchange of information, experiences and challenges and to provide inspiration for the future development of best practices with the aim of strengthening evidence-based policy formulation across Europe.

The seminar included 12 main presentations focusing on principles, organisations, procedures, methods and possibilities for cross-institutional learnings with in science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment. You will find the presentations at the programme in the right side menu.

App. 200 participants from most of Europe joined the seminar and engaged in discussions about the principles, and the compliance of principles in different organisations.

Several participants expressed interest for continued collaboration. In order to investigate the need for a  network, a post-seminar questionnaire is in preparation. If you wish to receive the questionnaire, please contact quality coordinator Ulla Sonne Bertelsen at DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture. 


The workshop is a joint initiative of the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA) and Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE) at Aarhus University together with the European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF).

The DCA/DCE are responsible for coordinating the science-based policy advice under a contract with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, thus providing approximately 350 specific items of advice annually.

ESAF is committed to sharing relevant information, enhancing the exchange of best practices and building sustainable capacity and capability across a range of different national science advisory organizations and systems in Europe, and this workshop will be the first event focusing on a specific thematic area.