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16 March 2021

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Opening session

  • Welcome by Aarhus University: Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen, Faculty of Technical Sciences.
  • Welcome by ESAF: Tarmo Soomere, ESAF Chair, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences
  • Welcome by Head of Unit Renzo Tomellini, Scientific Advice Mechanism, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

Session 1: Principles and organisations

Principles for science-based policy advice in the area of agriculture, food, climate and environment and examples of organization, funding and linkages between research and policy in participating countries

Group session with input from participants on the principles, structure and function of science-based policy advice in their country/institution, and discussions of weaknesses, advantages and challenges. 

Coffee break


Session 2: Procedures and methods

Procedures and working methods for science-based policy advice in participating countries/institutions: What are the critical challenges and the good experiences?

Group session with input from participants on critical challenges and good experiences in relation to procedures and working methods, e.g. receiving tasks, delivering advise, quality assurance, collaboration with stakeholders, keeping the arms-length principle, ensuring continuity and consistency of advice over time, managing differences in scientific opinions. 

End of day 1

17 March 2021

Session 3: Cross-institutional learnings
Characteristics for different national/institutional structures and practices: What are the challenges, and what are the successes?

Welcome back
Introduction to programme for day 2 

  • Contributions from the receivers
    A panel of officials from ministries and agencies will give general requirements to science policy advice for efficient and evidence based policymaking and comment on the issues raised in the group discussions.

    Kirsi-Marja Lonkila, Senior Specialist, Research & Development at Ministry of the Environment of Finland
    Sonja Canger, Head of Division, Danish Agricultural Agency, Denmark
    Patricia De Clercq, Secretary General, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Government of Flanders
  • Presentation of messages from the discussions day 1
  • Discussion of messages with the panel
  • Plenum discussion on the possibilities for cross-institutional learnings

Coffee break


Session 4: Purpose and potentials for future collaboration
Potentials for direct collaboration between institutions in policy advice (Exchange of experience, formulating best practice, peer reviews, second opinions, exchange of staff, …)

  • Group discussion on the potentials for increased collaboration

Feedback and possible future of a network

Feedback from participants on the way forward and usefulness of a continuation of the network and a second workshop.


Closing of the seminar