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Monday June 27

08:30           Registration and Coffee

09:15           Welcome

09:30           Keynote – John Campbell: TBA

10:30           Alex Kaiserman: Interventionism and Mental Surgery

11:00           Break

11:30           Samantha Kleinberg: What Causes a Causal Relationship?

12:00           Leen De Vreese: Choosing for a Descriptive or a Theoretical Approach to Psychiatric Classification in the DSM: It is All About the Causes

12:30           Sydney Katherine Green: A Defense of the Evidence-based Medicine Model in Psychotherapy: Placebos and the Role of Culture in Healing

13:00           Lunch

14:00           Keynote – Carrie Figdor: Mental Causation from the Perspective of Neuroscience 

15:00           Sofia Bonicalzi: What Counts as Mental Causation? Between Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience

15:30           Break

16:00           Jan Sprenger: Foundations for a Probabilistic Theory of Causal Strength

16:30           Marcus Missal: Experimental Evidence in Favor of a Pluralistic Conception of Causality 

17:00           End


Tuesday June 28

09:30           Keynote - Holly Andersen: A new place for action explanation in scientific causal explanation 

10:30           Alexander Gebharter: Causal Exclusion and Causal Bayes Nets

11:00           Break

11:30           Raoul Gervais: Causality and Evidence in Psychology

12:00           Elena Popa: Understanding the Causal Asymmetry through Developmental Psychology

12:30           Anna Drozdzewska: What do Interventions tell us about Causation? The Dialogue between Philosophy and Neuroscience

13:00           Lunch

14:00           Keynote – Michael Baumgartner: The inherent empirical underdetermination of mental causation

15:00           Matteo Colombo and Naftali Weinberger: Modes of Connectivity and Causality in the Brain 

15:30           Break

16:00           Daniel Kostic: Topological Controllability of the Brain: A Case of Non-causal Interventionism

16:30           Keynote – Jackie Sullivan: Experimentation and causal explanation in the mind-brain sciences

17:30           End

19:00           Conference Dinner 

Wednesday June 29

09:00           Keynote – William Bechtel: Rethinking Causality in Neural Mechanisms: Nonholonomic Constraints and Control Hierarchies 

10:00           Lena Kästner: Causal Mechanisms – Not the One and Only...

10:30           Break

11:00           Sebastian Wallot: Interaction-dominant vs Component-dominant Causation in Mind and Brain, and their Implications for Questions of Generalization and Replication

11:30           Thor Grünbaum: Counting Computational Mechanisms

12:00           Veli-Pekka Parkkinen: Genetic Causation in Developmental and Population Behavioural Genetics

12:30           Michael Wilde: Extrapolation and Mechanisms

13:00           Lunch

14:00           End of Conference