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Environmental monitoring and assessment is fundamental to the understanding of our ecosystems, to prevent adverse effects on ecosystems and human health, as a basis for policies, and as a tool to follow the outcome of regulations. DCE, Aarhus University has a long tradition in combining monitoring and research to inform policy-making, both nationally and internationally. Together with Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), Aarhus University would like to invite researchers and practitioners to discuss the future challenges and opportunities for environmental monitoring and assessment, with the aim of: 

  • Discussing and sharing ideas on future methods and technologies
  • Document and discuss the value of combining research and monitoring
  • Strengthen the chain from monitoring and assessment to environmental policies, regulation and management. 
  • Strengthen an interdisciplinary, joint international and integrated approach.

Some of the main questions are: How to best evolve environmental monitoring, in order to make use of new and smart technologies for improved and cost-effective monitoring? How do we assess and document the value of data and knowledge of environmen-tal ecosystems?