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Here you can find abstracts of all the presentations under the conference sessions:

Thursday 1 October

14.00 - 15.30

Moesgaard 1: Emerging contaminants

Bester et al.: Monitoring of pharmaceuticals, biocides, endocrine disruptors in wastewater processes 

Pereia et al.: Long-term trends in PBDEs in UK gannet and sparrowhawk eggs

Vorkamp & Rigét: Compounds of emerging concern: Retrospective time trends and screening studies in the AMAP Core Programme

Kaj & Brorström-Lundén: Do fish need hair conditioner? Results from a Nordic screening project

Boutrup et al.: Joint Nordic Screening of Emerging Pollutants - efficient tool for developing monitoring and regulation

Moesgaard 2: Marine monitoring

Ergül et al.: Assessment of the spring 2015 plankton blooms in Izmit bay (the Marmara sea)

Caill-Milly et al.: Survey effort allocation using advanced design: clam population as a case study

Staehr et al.: Improvements in water quality of a Danish estuary following nutrient reductions

Fossing & Hansen: Joint Monitoring of the North Sea - mission impossible?

Riemann et al.: Responses to oliogotrophication in Danish coastal ecosystems

Moesgaard 3: Wildlife management

Asferg: The Danish Game Bag Record and its role in wildlife management

Kahlert et al.: Functional responses of human hunters to their prey - why harvest statistics may not always reflect changes in prey population abundance

Madsen: Stop flying blind - the need for better data coordination to support the sustainable management of migratory waterbirds in Europe

Shore et al.: Monitoring barn owl exposure to rodenticides: a new regulatory tool

Andersen et al.: DNA-bases monitoring discloses wolves in Denmark

 Riis Skov 2: Monitoring and regulation of impacts of agriculture

Emmett et al.: A combined monitoring and modelling approach to maximise the impacts of agri-environment payments at a national scale

Rasmussen et al.: High lights from 25 years with the Danish Agricultural Monitoring Program

Rolighed et al.: Tageted regulation of agricultural N load to Danish marine waters

Blicher-Mathiesen et al.: Implementation of Danish Action Plans to reduce nutrient losses to the aquatic environment

Kronvang et al.: An emission-based approach for regulation of nitrogen loss from agriculture

16.00 - 17.30

Moesgaard 1: Environmental exposure and human health effects

Karademir et al.: Contaminated Sites with Risk-based Approach: Turkish and Romanian Practicee

Jacob et al.: Health Risk Assessment Related to Waterborne Pathogens from the River to the Tap

Busch Hansen et al.: Long-term exposure to air pollution and diabetes risk in Danish Nurse Cohort study

Brandt et al.: High-resolution modeling of health impacts and related external costs from air pollution over 25 years using integrated model system EVA

Skjøth et al.: Sources of high concentrations of Cladosporium spores in the air of Copenhagen

Moesgaard 2: Marine monitoring ctd

Kraus: Monitoring for Ballast Water Management - from pros and cons to yes or no?

Ärje et al.: Ranking relative importance of marine monitoring parameters with Bayesian networks

Feo et al.: Pollutants Diffusion Numerical Modelling In Augusta Harbour Seawater System (Siracuse Italy

Mohn et al.: Predicting drivers and distributions of deep-sea ecosystems: A cold-water coral case study

Feo et al.: Seawater quality monitoring in Augusta harbour (Siracuse, Italy) through the use of an auv ecomapper

Moesgaard 3: Biodiversity monitoring and nature indices

Nybø et al.: The Norwegian Nature Index - a communication tool on biodiversity

Framstad et al.: The Norwegian Nature Index - providing an overview on the state of biodiversity

Fredshavn: Assessment of Biological Status in EU Habitat Types

Zelený: Evaluation of ecological integrity on regional scale with the use of participatory approaches

Damgaard: Integrating monitoring data across different data types, locations and habitat types

Riis Skov 2: High resolution water monitoring

Poulsen & Ovesen: The use of acoustic Doppler instruments for high frequency stream data sampling in Denmark

Boye Hansen et al.: Satellite based monitoring of Chlorophyll a in lakes

Winfield et al.: High resolution integrated lake monitoring: from physics to fish

Larosse et al.: Combination of passive samplers to monitor the chemical status of 6 French rivers

fileadmin/5_Poulsen.pdfSøndergaard: Application of DGT passive samplers and key monitoring species for measuring bioavailable metal loading in mining-polluted Greenlandic fiords

17.30 - 19.00

Poster session (Hotel Foyer)

  1. Aslan et al.: Monitoring Marine Benthic Macrophytes (Seaweed and Seagrass) Species in Saros Bay (North Aegean Sea, Turkey) marine protected area
  2. Bhat et al.: Biomonitoring of air pollution using Lichens in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir state of India
  3. de Andrade et al.: Wawelet analysis of fluxes and meteorological variables of an Amazonian tropical rainforest
  4. Dermour et al.: Identification and quantification of candidate metabolites of tebuconazole'
  5. El Azhari et al.: Deciphering the complex interactions between pesticides and soil microbiota
  6. Estrup Andersen et al.: A SWAT model for Denmark
  7. Ferrari et al.: Formaldehyde: is an air contaminant in rural area?
  8. Leivuori et al.: What should scientists know about intercomparison studies?
  9. Lionard et al.: A multiresidue method to evaluate emergin micropollutants levels in waters
  10. Probonas et al.: Ecological, Social and Economic Values of Ecosystem Services in N2000 sites in Crete
  11. Lees et al.: Analysis of sulfur mustard hydrolysis and oxidation products in seawater and sediments by capillary electrophoresis
  12. Valenca et al.: Heavy metals in sediments - monitoring the quality of the marine environment
  13. Yang et al.: Selecting assessment factors in soil for strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in Korea
  14. Sanches et al.: Fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation for a semi-deciduous forest and wetland forest in Brazil 
  15. Boutrup et al.: Joint Nordic Screening of Emerging Pollutants
  16. Bøgestrand et al.: Assuring high quality environmental data
  17. Martins et al.: Atmospheric Particulate matter on medium cities and their importance for atmospheric chemistry
  18. Poulsen et al.: Validation of national model for nitrogen retention in restored wetlands
  19. Qijun Jiang et al.: Citizen sensing de for improved urban environmental monitoring
  20. Rönkkö et al.: Processing of sensor-recorded water turbidity by MMEA Platform
  21.  Carstensen et al.: A dual isotope approach to assess controlled drainage as a new mitigation measure
  22. Mäki et al.: Developing mobile services for in-situ monitoring, data storing and sharing (HALI)
  23. Panitz et al.: Sequencing new genomes to improve identification of eDNA - A NGS workflow for biodiversity assessment in soil
  24. Rosenstrand Poulsen et al.: A new emission-based approach for regulation of N losses from agricultural areas to surface waters
  25. Tusïl et al.: Monitoring of illicit drugs in Moravia-Silesian region in municipal wastewater treatment plants
  26. Lazar: New materials membrane hight functionalized with applicability in water treatment

Friday 2 October

09.00 - 10.30

Moesgaard 1: Monitoirng and assessment of air pollution

Ellerman et al.:Integration of measurements and modelling in the Danish air quality monitoring program

Nøjgaard et al.:Wood combustion related air pollution in urban and rural background

Nunes et al.:Screening of BTEX in the metropolitan area of Porto

Dobricic et al.:Ice melting in the Arctic and hemispheric warming trends in the winter

Vorkamp et al.: Passive sampling techniques for a screening of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in indoor air

Moesgaard 2: Forest monitoring

Boulanger et al.: Monitoring forest species diversity: feedbacks from a 15-yr experience

Smart et al.: Quantifying the impact of interacting global change drivers on temperate forests; extreme climate and atmospheric pollutant deposition in England

Westra et al.: Development of a semi-automated process to analyse data from the Flemish forest inventory and support periodical reporting of results

Bruce et al.: Metabarcoding reveals biodiversity trends in forest ecosystems

Trivellini & Lindon: A multiple approach for a Rapid Biodiversity Assessment: Integration of participatory, field and analytical techniques in the MAU forest, Kenya

Moesgaard 3: Special session: monitoring of marine munition dumpsites

Bełdowski et al.:Towards the Monitoring of dumped munitions threat – MODUM project overview

Paka: Precisely coordinated multiple sampling in close vicinity of underwater objects

Vlahos et al.:Detection of TNT and RDX from UXOs in Marine Environments with Passive Sampling

Sanderson et al.: Environmental toxicity of CWA residues found in the Baltic Sea.

Riis Skov 2: Water and resources

Grover: Saving Blue Gold-Methods and solutions

Krogshave Laursen & Gibbes: Models to inform design of water quality monitoring systems: A novel approach for water supply resevoirs

Rääpysjärvi et al.: Macrophytes in boreal streams: Characterizing and predicting occurrence and abundance to assess human impact

Kiliç et al.: Evaluation of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels seasonally in mussel samples in Haliç (Golden Horn), Turkey.

Thomsen et al.: Sustainability assessment of Bioresource Management Systems (BMS) - a Danish case study

11.00 - 12.30

Moesgaard 1: Monitoring and assessment of air pollution ctd

Roy & Mukherjee:Fractal based technique for identifying multiple layers in sodar echograms depicting foggy conditions

Castell et al.:Personalizing air pollution exposure estimates using low-cost sensors and data fusion techniques

Solvang Jensen et al.:Air Quality at Your Street

Martins et al.:Air quality modelling and satellite-based emission inventories

Im et al.:Evaluation of the high resolution DEHM/UBM model system over Denmark and assessment of trends in air pollution levels over 25 years

Moesgaard 2: Application of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and satellites

Mortensen et al.: BioMap - Mapping of Biomass using UAV

Sørensen et al.: Counting wild flower heads using UAV

Alsharrah: Evaluation of spatial and spectral resolutions of satellite imagery for mapping perennial arid vegetation: considerations for monitoring and assessments

Moesgaard 3: Monitoring of marine munition dumpsites ctd

Jakacki: Estimation of polluted area in case of potential leakage of the chemical munitions

Kotwicki: Infauna communities in munition Dumpsites

Long: Monitoring of munition remediation

Vannien et al.: Analysis of chemical warfare agent related chemicals in in vivo exposed mussels

13.15 - 14.45

Moesgaard 1: Soil biodiversity and microbiology

Johansen et al.: In situ biostimulation and bioargumentation to remove phenoxy-acids in subsoil

Hendriksen et al.: Activity of extracellular enzymes of soils as a monitoring tool

Santos et al.: Geographic location and landuse types drive soil protest diversity

Winding et al.: Ecological significance of soil microbial functional diversity across Europe

Hendriksen et al.: Monitoring aerial spread of microorganisms from farms

Moesgaard 2: Metabarcoding and Edna in biodiversity monitoring

Bruce et al.: Metagenomic shotgun sequencing of diverse arthropod assemblages

Elbrecht & Leese: The future of stream monitoring DNA Metabarcoding!

Pawlowski et al.: Environmental monitoring through next-generation sequencing metaborcoding: assessing the impact of fish farming on benthic macro- and meiofauna comminities

Meissner et al.: Are recent advances in automated benthic macroinvertebrate a viable option to manual keying?

Wesley Andersen et al.: Evaluating DNA-barcode based monitoring of biodiversity using nextgen sequencing

Moesgaard 3: Citizen Science

Castell et al.: Real-world performance of low-coast sensors for monitoring air quality in urban environments

Kragh et al.: Understanding participants in citizen science: relationships between motivation, well-being and project outcomes

Silander & Kettunen: Developing mobile on-site monitoring services for citizens and professionals

Brofeldt et al.: Community monitoring of illegal logging in Prey Lang, Cambodia

Kettunen & Silander: Voluntary Monitoring has Changed