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VI EASTAP Conference

Dimensions of Dramaturgy

The 6th Conference of the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance will be hosted by Aarhus University’s Department of Dramaturgy and the ILT Festival of International Living Theatre Aarhus from 14 to 18 June 2023, in partnership with the IETM Plenary Meeting “Living at the Edge” (Aarhus 12 to 15 June 2023). 

EASTAP23 Associate Artists 2023: SIGNA

EASTAP23 Associate Scholar: Lola Proaño Gómez, Universidad de Buenos Aires

EASTAP23 contributions and communications by:

Maaike Bleeker, Tim Crouch, Yana Meerzon, Janek Szatkowski, Needcompany, Tore Vagn Lid, Dries Verhoeven, Jäger Ooms and others.

EASTAP – The Organisation: Thinking through practice

EASTAP was founded to bring together artists and academics and to serve as a platform of dialogue between academic research and creative practice, fostering joint debates on theatre, dance, performance and other live arts. Each year, the EASTAP conference is co-organised by a University department and a theatre or festival. EASTAP appoints an associate artist each year, and an international associate scholar from beyond Europe. The inaugural conference took place in 2018 at the Theatre de la Cité at Paris with associate artist Milo Rau, in 2019 EASTAP2 was hosted at the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II at Lisbon with associate artist Shermin Langhoff, the 2020 confe­rence was planned in connection with the VIE Festival in Northern Italy with associate artists FC Bergman but had to be cancelled because of the Covid outbreak (videos and a book publication emerged from the plans), in 2021 EASTAP 4 was hosted online by Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and Vilnius University with associate artist Phia Ménard, and the 2022 conference took place at the Piccolo Teatro Milano with associate artist Constanza Macras.

EASTAP 23 is curated by the Aarhus University Department of Dramaturgy and ILT Festival
in collaboration with the IETM Plenary Meeting Aarhus

We invite submissions of papers, presentations and communications that address our conference topic Dimensions of Dramaturgy – see our call for papers.

EASTAP23 At Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city, the main city on the island of Jutland, and one of the big harbour ports of Europe. In 2017, it was European Capital of Culture. With AROS and Musikhuset, Aarhus houses the largest museum as well as the largest concert hall of Scandinavia. Aarhus University, founded in 1928, is Denmark’s second oldest and second largest university; in addition to its strong natural and economic sciences, which have produced 3 Nobel Prize winners, it offers the largest interdisciplinary research and education environment in the Humanities in Northern Europe. The dedicated Dramaturgy education at AU celebrated its 60th birthday in 2019.

You can reach Aarhus by train: it is located approx. 4 hours from Copenhagen and Hamburg. You can also reach Aarhus by airplane: Aarhus Airport AAR is the local airport, only 30 minutes outside the city. Billund BLL is Jutland’s central international airport, and approx. 90 minutes away on regular bus connections, either direct or changing to/from the train at Vejle. Aalborg AAL is Jutland’s third international airport and approx. 2 hours away on a direct train connection. For more information, visit www.visitaarhus.com.

!!! Please note The EASTAP23 conference at Aarhus will take place simultaneously with the IETM Plenary, the international ILT theatre festival, and the International Literature Festival LiteratureXChange. We therefore expect hotel spaces and accommodation to be in very high demand during this week in June 2023, and recommend early booking now. Information about EASTAP arrangements with Aarhus hotels is already available on the conference website.

Contact for conference-related enquiries: EASTAP23@cc.au.dk

Conference News


Participants at EASTAP23 can get reduced tickets for the performance WE THE 1% by Fix&Foxy at Aarhus Musikhuset on Monday 12 June, 19.30.


The EASTAP23 conference events will begin on Wednesday 14th June at 9.30 am.

The deadline for conference registration for all presenters is 31st March 2023. Presenters who have not registered by this date will be deemed to have withdrawn their proposal.

You can book the ILT theatre abonnement and the pre conference activities only alongside the registration process. If you require other theatre ticket options, you can book from 2nd March directly through the ILT Festival page at their standard prices.  


The EASTAP23 pre-Conference programme begins already on Monday 12 June with the performance of Fix & Foxy’s “We the 1%”. On Tuesday 13th, you can visit the legendary Nordisk Teater Laboratoriet at Holstebro and experience their current work (departure at 8.15, return ca 18.00, in time for a selection of 3 performances to choose from at 19.30). You can also attend the events of IETM Aarhus which runs from 12 to 15 June.


As part of the EASTAP23+ILT Festival Abonnement (bookable only with the conference registration until 31stMarch), you can see 8 performances. 


Contact address for conference-related enquiries: