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A big thanks to our partners

ECREA 2022 is supported by a range of partners and exhibitors. Every partner contributes to the conference and its impact - now and in the future.

A range of partners and exhibitors supports ECREA 2022. Every partner contributes to the conference and its impact - now and in the future.  

We want to thank all of our partners who support ECREA taking place in Aarhus in 2022. Together we have created a conference with a rich social and cultural programme that aims at creating legacy for the city, the university, and the academic community of ECREA. Through a range of Impact Tours we want to engage the city’s cultural scene and show our delegates new ways of collaborating across sectors for sustainability, innovation, and impact of research and education. 

The conference is supported by VisitAarhus, Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), Dokk1, City of Aarhus, Central Denmark EU Office. Additionally, we have exhibitors and publishing partners, volunteer support, Impact tour partners, Keynote and Impact tour support, Location partners, and a special culinary partner. The Local Organising Committee is especially grateful for the professional support of VisitAarhus Convention Bureau since 2019 and the School of Communication and Culture for the institutional backing of hosting ECREA 2022 at Aarhus University. 

Find and read about all partners and exhibitors here. The exhibition space is located at Vandrehallen in Campus North. Please drop by and get in touch with our exhibitors this year: Nordicom, Intellect, ICA, Cogitatio, and Samfundslitteratur & Ajour (only Friday).