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Brief history of GCET

GCET provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and research findings about environmental taxation issues and sustainable economic development. Recent GCET conferences have attracted delegates from more than 50 countries representing a wide range of disciplines (law, economics, accounting, environmental management, and public administration) and a variety of sectors (academic, government, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations) gathering to exchange ideas on how effective environmental taxation policies can promote the protection of the environment and sustainable economic development.

The main emphasis of GCET is to provide insights and analysis on how enlightened tax policy can promote sustainable environmental goals. By discussing environmental taxation issues that exist around the world, effective approaches used in one country can be considered and implemented by governmental authorities in other countries.

Annual GCET conferences have been held in Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A. (2000), Vancouver, Canada (2001), Woodstock, Vermont U.S.A. (2002), Sydney, Australia (2003), Pavia, Italy (2004), Leuven, Belgium (2005), Ottawa, Canada (2006), Munich, Germany (2007), Singapore (2008), Lisbon, Portugal (2009), Bangkok, Thailand (2010), Madrid, Spain (2011), Vancouver, Canada (2012) and Kyoto, Japan (2013).

2014 is the first time for GCET to take place in Scandinavia.