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Call for Papers

The International Society for the Study of Gender and Love calls for papers on the mutual conditionings of gender and love. The organisers welcome analytical, artistic and theoretical contributions of all formats and from any discipline, as long as every contribution critically grapples with inconsistencies and gaps of knowledge on how gender and love inter- and intra-act. Given the increasing discontent in gender studies with constructivism’s (in)ability to account for material protests against cultural constructions, especially in studies of aging, disability, queer identities, and the environment, we ask if there are new insights from across disciplines to be gained by testing constructivist understandings up against posthuman and new materialist approaches to gender and love. Key questions to be addressed at the symposium will be:

  • What material and cultural factors condition our experiences, expressions, and representations of gender and love?
  • What may post-constructivist insights contribute to our understanding of our bodily reactions and emotions and of our agency and latitude for subversion?
  • What do these theoretical developments enable in our reflections on our access to intimacy, whether within the frames of hetero- or homosexual marriage, polyamorist or asexual partnerships, or technologically or medically assisted relationships across time, space, age, and ontologies?
  • Do some or all of these insights have the potential to alter our ethical standards towards others, be they human (young, middle-aged or old), animal, otherwise organic and/or inorganic?

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