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First announcement

For sure, ICTMT 15 will focus on the impacts that the coronavirus pandemic has had on global mathematics education. However, ICTMT15 will look at the impacts of digital technology from a much wider perspective. In particular, the conference aims to highlight how technology facilitates the multiple “Connections and Connectivity” between us all to achieve the goals of purposeful mathematics education in the early 21st century.

By “Connections” we mean the interrelationships between researchers, teachers, students, parents, policy makers, and industry (big and small). “Connectivity” includes oral, aural and written communications as mediated by the internet, learning environments and classroom activities. Together, “Connections and Connectivity” describes the relationships between people, between different ideas and strategies to teach, and between people and environments and it offers a frame through which to interpret assessment in mathematics education as a more formative process from the point of view of both teachers and students.     


Within the frame of “Connections and Connectivity”, our four themes are :

  1. Designing technology for mathematical learning and its assessment – a focus on theoretical or actual ‘designs’ with contributions from researchers, industry and teachers.
  2. Making sense of ‘classroom’ practice with and through technology – a focus on the work of teachers and lecturers, where the classroom might be geographically located or mobile. Again, contributions could be both theoretical and practical.
  3. Fostering mathematical collaborations with and through technology – a focus on the communications’ aspect of technology, including assessment strategies.
  4. Innovating with technologies for mathematical learning – a focus on highly innovative approaches in early stages of development for constructive critique by the community.