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Presentation of Guest Speakers

Guest speakers

  • Rich Ling, DK, Digital Gemeinschaft
  • Naomi Baron, US, Reading on the Run: What We Read on Mobile Devices and Why
  • Leopoldina Fortunati, Italy, Mobilities and Mobile Phones
  • Jonas Larsen, DK, Mobile Communication, Place and Mobile Methods

Other contributors

  • Iben Have, DK & Birgitte Stougaard, DK Audiobooks and Mobile Listening: New Medium, New Users, New Literary Experiences?
  • Anja Bechmann, DK Communication to-go: Studying Mobile and Seamless Communication Practices
  • Jakob Linaa Jensen, DK Online Social Networks; Augmentation of Social Space
  • Martin Brynskov, DK Mobile Media and Smart Cities
  • Stine Lomborg, DK The internet in my pocket
  • Charles Ess, DK Mobile Communication, Culture, Convergence.
  • Anne Marit Waade, DK Locative Mobile Media, Place and Performativity

Presentation of Guest Speakers

Rich Ling, PhD, University of Colorado in 1984. Rich has focused his work on the social consequences of mobile communication. He is a professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and at works at Telenor near Oslo, Norway. He has also been the Pohs visiting professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now holds an adjunct position in that department. He is the author of the book New Tech, New Ties(MIT 2008?).  He is also the author of a book on the social consequences of mobile telephony entitled The Mobile Connection (Morgan Kaufmann) and along with Jonathan Donner he has written the book Mobile Phones and Mobile Communication. He is a founding editor of the Sage journal Mobile Media and Communication; along with Scott Campbell he is the editor of The Mobile Communication Research Series and he is an associate editor for The Information Society.

Naomi S. Baron, American University, Washington D.C., US, Professor of Linguistics (Department of Language and Foreign Studies) and Executive Director of the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning. Professor Baron is interested in electronically-mediated communication, the relationship between spoken and writing language, and the effects of technology on individuals and on social relationships. A former Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Fellow, she has published seven books, including Alphabet to Email: How Written English Evolved and Where It’s Heading (2000) and Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World (2008). Always On won the English-Speaking Union’s Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award for 2008. She taught at Brown University, Emory University, and Southwestern University before coming to American University, where she has served as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Development, Chair of the Department of Language and Foreign Studies, and Director of the TESOL Program. She was named University Honors Program Professor of the Year and received an American University Presidential Research Fellowship. 
Professor Baron’s current research compares reading onscreen versus reading in hard copy.

Leopoldina Fortunati, is Professor of Sociology of Communication at the Faculty of Education of the University of Udine, Italy. She has conducted several research projects in the field of gender studies, cultural processes and communication and information technologies. She is the author of many books and is the editor with J. Katz and R. Riccini of Mediating the Human Body: Technology, Communication and Fashion (2003), with P. Law and S. Yang of New Technologies in Global Societies (2006) and with Jane Vincent of Electronic Emotion: The Mediation of Emotion via Information and Communication Technologies (2009). She is very active at the European level, especially in COST networks and is the Italian representative in the COST Domain Committee (ISCH, Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health). She is associate editor of the journal The Information Society and serves as referee for many outstanding journals. She is the co-chair with Richard Ling of the International Association "The Society for the Social Study of Mobile Communication" (SSSMC) which intends to facilitate the international advancement of cross-disciplinary mobile communication studies. Her works have been published in eleven languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish.

Jonas Larsen is an Associate Professor in Geography at Roskilde University, Denmark. He is researching mobility, tourism and media. He has been conducting ethnographic studies, and has published on mobile methods and ethnographic studies of mobility. He has recently published The Tourist Gaze 3.0 (2011) together with John Urry. He is also the author ofPerformativity, Space, and Tourism (2011) as part of the Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies: New Perspectives on Space, Place and Tourism andDistance and Proximity (2012) as part of the forthcoming Handbook of Mobilities.