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Sunday 17 September

19.00 – 22.00 Registration & welcome reception at Hotel Comwell (incl light food & drinks) (room A)


Monday 18 September

8.00 Departure by bus from Hotel Comwell to conference venue at Moesgaard Museum

8.30-10.00 Registration desk is open at Moesgaard Museum

8.45-10.15 Session 1: Selection (Chair: Sohini Ramachandran)

Claude Bhérer: A 3-population test for detecting adaptive molecular evolution of polygenic phenotypes

● Fernando Racimo: Detecting polygenic adaptation in admixture graphs

● Lauren Alpert Sugden: Novel Bayesian frameworks for inference of adaptive evolution acting on variants, genes, and pathways

● María Iné Fariello: Accounting for Linkage Disequilibrium in genome scans for selection without individual genotypes: the local score approach

10.15-10.45 Coffee

10.45-12.15 Session 2: Selection II: (Chair: Molly Przeworski)

● Matthew Hartfield: Signatures of Selective Sweeps with Self-Fertilisation

● Pier Francesco Palamara: High-throughput inference of pairwise coalescent times identifies signals of selection and enriched disease heritability

● Guy Sella: Background selection is the dominant mode of linked selection in humans

● Carina Mugal: Time-dependent estimates of dN/dS and its implications for molecular ecology and genetic studies

12.15-13.00 Lunch at Moesgaard Museum

13.00-14.30 Session 3: Models and methods for GWAS and molecular medicine: (Chair: Ida Moltke)

● Jeremy Berg: Population Genetic Models for the Genetic Architecture of Complex Disease

● Laurent Briollais: A Novel Bayesian Approach for Region-Based Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data

● Rachel Moore: StructLMM: resolving genetic effects due to environmental sample substructure

● Shannon R. McCurdy: Estimating High-Order Heritability components in GWAS Data

14.35 Group photo session

14.40-16.00 Poster session 1 (odd numbered)

16.00-16.30 Coffee

16.30-18.00 Poster session 2 (even numbered)

18.00-19.30 Dinner at Moesgaard Museum

19.00-20.00 Exhibition open for ProbGen participants (MOMU)

20.30 Bus departure to Hotel Comwell 


Tuesday 19 September

8.00 Departure by bus from Hotel Comwell to conference venue at Moesgaard Museum

8.45-10.15 Session 4: Models and methods for GWAS and molecular medicine II: (Chair: Jakob Skou Pedersen)

● Joel Mefford: Adjustment with cross-validated predictions for mixed-model association analyses

● Alicia R. Martin: Transferability of polygenic risk prediction across diverse and admixed populations

● Johanna Bertl: A site-specific model and analysis of the neutral somatic mutation rate in whole-genome cancer data

● Sohrab Salehi: Population genetics of cancer: modeling the evolutionary dynamics of tumour growth

10.15-10.45 Coffee  

10.45-12.15 Session 5: Inference and models in genomics and biology: (Chair: Richard Durbin)

● Michał Świtnicki: Probability of the occurrence of germline mutation depends on the shape of DNA

● Romain Laurent, Non-random processes involved in human reproduction

● Mark A. Carty: Zero-inflated Poisson factorization for single cell RNA-seq

● Anna Cuomo: Using single-cell RNA-seq to assess the effect of common genetic variants on cell-to-cell variability

12.15-13.00 Lunch at Moesgaard Museum

13.00-14.00 Keynote presentation I: Molly Przeworski

14.00-15.30 Session 6: Inference and models in genomics and biology II: (Chair: Anders Krogh)

● Elizabeth Hutton: Robust Signal Extraction from High-Throughput CRISPR-Cas9 Screens using a Hierarchical Analysis Framework

● Felicity Allen: A generative model of CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA effect within genome-wide screens

● Aline Muyle: SEX-DETector: a probabilistic approach to study sex chromosomes in non-model organisms

● Fabrizio Mafessoni: Inter-Chromosomal Linkage Reveals Errors in Large Genetic Datasets

15.30-16.00 Coffee

16.00-18.00 Session 7: Population genetics: (Chair: Kay Prüfer)

● Sriram Sankararaman: Scalable and flexible probabilistic PCA for large-scale genetic variation data

● Amy Williams: Inferring identical by descent sharing of sample ancestors promotes high resolution relative detection

● David Balding: Estimation of Fst and tree inference under hierarchical population structure

● Svend V. Nielsen: AdmixtureBayes: an MCMC over admixture trees

● Harald Ringbauer: Estimating Barriers to Gene flow from distorted Isolation by Distance patterns

● Laurits Skov: Detecting introgressed archaic haplotypes in modern human genome sequences

18.15 Bus departure to Hotel Comwell

19.30 Conference dinner at Centralværkstedet


Wednesday 20 September

8.00 Departure by bus from Hotel Comwell to conference venue at Moesgaard Museum

8.45-9.45 Keynote presentation II: Adam Siepel

9.45-10.15 Coffee

10.15-12.15 Session 8: Population genetics II: (Chair: Asger Hobolth)

● Garrett Hellenthal: Using haplotype information to infer the genetic history of Iranian and Sub-Saharan African populations

● Jeffrey P. Spence: Nonparametric inference of past and present population structure

● Jack Kamm: Inferring history from the joint SFS of low- and high-coverage ancient DNA

● Daniel P. Rice: Signatures of multiple-mergers coalescence in genomic diversity data

● Divakar Viswanath: Validity of the coalescent approximation for large samples

● Jerome Kelleher: Inferring ARGs for millions of chromosomes

12.15-13.00 Lunch at Moesgaard Museum

13.00 Bus departure to Hotel Comwell