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Theme and form of the conference

Workshop during the 2015 Re-Do conference in Aarhus.
Welcome speech at the Re-Do conference at Aarhus University in 2015 by Dean of ARTS, Johnny Laursen.


The conference will include several thematic tracks:

Rethinking the value of arts and culture
Theoretical presentations of how to understand the value of arts and culture to society
Empirical studies of specific types of value for specific groups
The value of arts and culture in a policy perspective
The value of arts and culture in a business perspective
The autonomy of arts and culture as a challenge for a value-based perspective

Rethinking evaluation
Theoretical perspectives on evaluation
Methodological and methodic questions of the evaluation of arts and culture
Empirical studies of impacts of cultural events
Processes of and uses of evaluation
Perspectives from other disciplines contributing to the development of evaluation of arts and culture
Critical perspectives on evaluation and the role of evaluation of cultural events

The value of European Capitals of Culture
In this track we welcome contributions that address and discuss the question of the value of European Capitals of Culture. This could include:
Case studies of specific European Capitals of Culture
Comparative research on several European Capitals of Culture
Practice-based reflections on values of being European Capitals of Culture
Critical discussions about the concept of ECoCs and the processes of being ECoC

General research on European Capitals of Culture
Research on past, present and future European Capitals of Culture

The form of the conference

The conference aims at facilitating new dialogues between academics and practitioners in which knowledge-sharing, learning and development is at the centre. As much as presenting answers and worked-through solutions, the conference aims at asking questions and stimulating discussion and reflection. Therefore, the participation is open to a broad category of people, including international guests, students, local cultural agents etc.

Call for contributions is available here