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Recordings, drawings and presentations

Recordings of main sessions

Recordings of our main conference sessions are available on Institute of Mathematic's (Aarhus University) YouTube channel.

Monday, 25 April 2022: Welcome and Opening Keynote. This first session of the Engaging Citizen Science Conference included the formal welcome by Dean Kristian Pedersen (Aarhus University) and the Opening Keynote by Professor Heidi Ballard (UC Davis): “Engagement and learning through Community and Citizen Science: Why, how and the evidence of outcomes”.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022: Communities in Citizen Science Panel Session. This conference session focused on introducing the concept of Community and Citizen Science (CCS), as well as sharing experiences with different forms of collaboration between communities in different types of citizen science projects. Panelists: Heidi Ballard (UC Davis), Muki Haklay (UCL), Ida Theilade (University of Copenhagen), Michael Køie Poulsen (NORDECO), Rikke Magnussen (Convener, University of Aalborg).

Tuesday, 26 April 2022: Final Keynote, Interactive Keynote Speakers Debate, and Poster Prizes. This final session of the Engaging Citizen Science Conference included the Final Keynote by Professor Dick Kasperowski (University of Gothenburg): “Scientific and civic engagements in citizen science: Time to talk about societal effects?”; the Keynote Speakers Interactive Debate with Heidi Ballard (UC Davis) and Dick Kasperowski (University of Gothenburg), facilitated by Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen (Aarhus University); and the Poster Prize Ceremony.

DrawnJournalism, drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

Frits' drawings from our conference have been finalized! You can find them on Flickr here under CreativeCommons License By NC-ND, meaning you are welcome to use them under that license. 

Visit Frits' DrawnJournalism website for more inspiration and stories. He will also add more stories from our conference on that website.

Presentation slides & session recordings

Presentation slides, or link to slides, will be available here shortly.

Workshop session recordings

Exploring CrowdBots: a new evolutionary pathway for Citizen Science projects (Pietro Michelucci & Laura Onac, Human Computation Institute)

Links to blogs and articles about the conference

Many have written about the conference. We collect some of the articles here. You're welcome to send us additional resources to link to (citsci2022@css.au.dk). 

Interview with Dick Kasperowski

Muki Haklay's blogs: Heidi Ballard's keynote,  Dick Kasperowski's keynote

Review in Journal of Science Communication by Cathrine Winther

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Sensing for Justice blog also with summary of their roundtable