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Thursday 19 April 2018

09.00-10.30 Sessions 7-9
(Studenternes Hus: 1422)

7: Cultural Activism and Subculture (Chair: Ekaterina Kalinina)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Preben Hornung lounge")

Slam Poetry and media activism in Rio de Janeiro: a study of the videos posted to the Facebook page Poetas Favelados
Simone do Vale 

The Great Meme War
Marc Tuters 

Tanbi Subculture in China: A Quiet Gender Revolution
Wei Yang

8: Methods for Engaging Communities in Cultural Production (Chair: Nina Gram)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Richard Mortensen lounge")

In the mix: transdisciplinarity as a pathway to participation
Andrew Ormston

Making dialogues work
Torhild Skåtun and Ageliki Lefkaditou 

National Theatre Wales TEAM– A New Model of Participation
Devinda de Silva & Naomi Chiffi, National Theatre Wales Team

10.30-11.00 Coffee
(Studenternes Hus)

11.00-12.30 Sessions 10-12
(Studenternes Hus: 1422)

10: Civic participation: spaces and methods (Chair: Line Marie Bruun Jespersen)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Preben Hornung lounge")

Forms and effects of citizen participation in European cultural centers
Birgit Eriksson

Lost and Found: participatory mapping of cultural lives in Sunderland
Trish Winter & Caroline Mitchell 

Cultivating Environmental Knowledge in Urban Communities: Participatory Gardening Projects as Sites of Negotiation of Scientific and Cultural Meaning
Brian Goldfarb & Judith Faifman

11: Participatory cultural industries (Chair: Anne Boukris)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Richard Mortensen lounge")

The research about the influence of online games to the interpersonal interaction between Chinese Teenagers
Li Jin Jue 

The music stream as less of a cultural artefact - A study of the everyday digital online music participation
Andreas Lenander Aegidius 

The SFMOMA AR game jam
Sarah Brin

12: Body, health technologies and participation (Chair: Anne-Mette Bech Albrechtslund)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Mogens Zieler lounge")

The role of citizen participation in medical apps in healthcare
Loni Ledderer, Anne Møller & Antoinette Fage-Butler 

The participatory patient – logics of decision-making, care and economy in cancer patients’ narrative practices on social media
Carsten Stage 

Shadowpox: Imagination, Inoculation and the Cosmopolitics of Co-immunity
Alison Humphrey

12.30-13.30 Lunch
(Studenternes Hus: "Stakladen")

13.30-15.00 Keynote by Shannon Jackson (Chair: Birgit Eriksson)
(iNANO: 1593-012)

Civic Re-Enactment and Public Re-Assembly

Re-Enactment has become a ubiquitous 21st century process, one that dynamizes populist ritual and as well as artworld experimentation in participatory aesthetics.  Arguably, however, participants have very different understandings of what re-enactment is and who it might serve.  Art institutions also seem to deploy the practice in service of a range of goals—whether to recall history, to advance a conceptual art project, or to build community.  After surveying a range of possibilities, this lecture considers what happens when re-enactment is lodged inside civic processes.  What happens when civic processes—in all of their mundanity, bureaucracy, regression, and progression—are re-enacted? And what is the relation amongst aesthetic re-enactments and the other technological and policy domains explored at Cultures of Participation? Inspired by UC-Berkeley’s research platform on Public (Re) Assembly — and using work of Aaron Landsman and Paul Ramirez Jonas as touchstones — we will ask whether the concept of the “civic” is mourned or resuscitated in the moment of re-enactment.  What new things can we learn about re-enactment and participation when the “civic sphere” is the object? What new things can we learn about our own participation in the civic sphere when re-enactment is our method of investigation? 

15.00-15.30 Coffee
(Kasernen: foyer in 1585)

15.30-17.00 Sessions 13-16
(Kasernen: 1584 and 1586)

15: The participatory management of cultural institutions (Chair: Camilla Jalving)
(Kasernen: 1584-120)

Towards participation in museum architecture
Aikaterini Valchaki 

Participatory governance of cultural heritage: a commons perspective
Christian Iaione & Maria Elena Santagrati 

MUSEUMS UNDER THE RADAR! The SoMus project and the challenges of a full participatory management at the School-Museum of Pusol (Spain)
Lorena Sancho Querol, Rafael Martínez García & José Martínez Jurado

19.00 - ......    Dinner in Town
(Restaurant Sct. Pauls Apotek, Jaegergårdsgade 76, DK-8000 Aarhus C – Phone: +45 86 12 08 33)