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Friday 20 April 2018

09.00-10.30 Sessions 17-20
(Studenternes Hus: 1421 and 1422)

17: Technological transformations and (non)participation (Chair: Bjarki Valtysson)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Preben Hornung lounge")

VR - the culture of (non)participation?
Anna Nacher 

Social AI
Anja Bechmann

The Seams of Urban Intelligence: APIs as Infrastructures for Developers and Citizens
Gabriel Pereira, Christoph Raetzsch, Lasse S. Vestergaard

18: Participatory art in public space (Chair: Gunhild Borggreen)
(Studenternes Hus: 1421, Conference Room 2)

Who’s Agency? Emancipatory, Empowering Processes and Ethical Dilemmas in Participatory art Projects
Line Marie Bruun Jespersen & Signe Brink Wehl 

Re-envisioning the City through Pop-up Street Galleries
Minna Valjakka, Art history and Asian Studies, University of Helsinki 

Amalie Frederiksen & Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Råderum

20: Chewing and Pooing (Panel) (Chair: Loni Ledderer)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Mogens Zieler lounge")

Chewing and Pooing: The digestive system as a metaphor for practice-research in participatory contexts
Panel by Sophie Hope, Anthony Schrag & Becky Shaw 

10.30-11.00 Coffee
(Studenternes Hus)

11.00-12.30 Sessions 21-24
(Studenternes Hus: 1421 and 1422)

21: Material creative participation (Chair: Nina Gram)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Richard Mortensen lounge")

Emergence in musical performance – how to crack the creative code..? 
Dan Lund Hvidtfeldt

Posthuman creativity – reopening the ‘circuits of authorship’ once again
Jan Løhmann Stephensen

Participatory Sound Art: Technologies, Medialities, Politics
Vadim Keylin

22: Funding Access and Participation in Art (Chair: Anne Scott-Sørensen)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Mogens Zieler lounge")

The risk of tokenism in participatory art
Margerita Pulè

Can You Find a Little Drummer Boy? The need for spectacle in publicly-funded contemporary art
Dr Judith Stewart and Lawrence Bradby

Managing Difference from Otherness: the experience of the Access Culture Association in Portugal
Lorena Sancho Querol   

23: Regional art in Japan (Panel) (Chair: Ida Krøgholt)
(Studenternes Hus: 1422, "Preben Hornung lounge")

Regional art in Japan: cross-disciplinary approaches to participatory art in rural areas
Panel by Gunhild Borggreen, Anemone Platz & Emil Bach Sørensen

24: Participation in the art museum (Chair: Mette Houlberg Rung)
(Studenternes Hus: 1421, Conference Room 2)

Public Participation and Agency in Art Museums
Emilie Sitzia

The good, the bad and the ugly…
Collaborative, affective and performative participation in the art museum
Dorthe Juul Rugaard,  Kathrine Pedersen, Camilla Jalving 

The Emancipated Spectator at the Ignorant Art Museum
Karen Grøn

12.30-14.00 Lunch + walk to ARoS
(Lunch at Studenternes Hus: "Stakladen")

14.00-16.00 Keynote by Zizi Papacharissi (Chair: Carsten Stage)

Affective Publics: News Storytelling, Sentiment and Twitter

Social media excite the public imagination with their potential for democratization, newer forms of news storytelling and social change. Digitally aided waves of civil unrest invite speculation on whether social media make or break the pace of revolutionary movements. Focusing on the Arab Spring and Occupy, this talk begins by examining the role and meaning of social media, and Twitter specifically, for the social networks driving these movements. Data from recent studies undertaken at the University of Illinois at Chicago are presented in explicating the relevance of the platform for contemporary news storytelling, framing, and gatekeeping. The talk concludes with an emphasis on the concept of affective publics, and how these public formations sustain all forms of mobilization, including recent waves of populism.

15.30-17.00 End of conference and possibility of visiting ARoS