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Getting to the Workshop Venue


The Marine Biological Station, Rønbjerg

We coordinate a joint transport back and forth from Aarhus to the Marine Biological Station (~ 130 km). Adress: Livøvej 141, 9681 Ranum. Rute.

The joint transport to the workshop departs Monday May 22 from Aarhus at 8:00am.

The joint return trip departs from The Marine Biological Station on Wednesday at 13pm going directly to the conference venue Hotel Helnan.

You may prefer instead to travel independently directly to the workshop venue.

If yes, we draw your attention to the airport closer to the workshop venue Aalborg Airport AAL. From AAL you may connect to workshop with the local bus no. 950X from Aalborg Bus Terminal to the bus stop named Rønbjerg Havn (link to bus schedule). Bus no. 950X departs from terminal Monday at 8:00am -> arrives Rønbjerg 9:11. See the rute on Google travel plan from AAR to The Marine Biological Station.


For travel planning to Aarhus and the conference venue Hotel Helnan see the: Getting to Aarhus tab in left meny & Getting around in Aarhus.