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17-19 June 2024

International Conference on 3D dosimetry (IC3DDose), Aarhus, Denmark - 17-19 June 2024

We are happy to announce that the 13th edition of the International Conference on 3D dosimetry (IC3DDose) will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, 17-19 June 2024.

Following the tradition of previous conferences, this meeting will gather scientists with an interest in advanced radiation dosimetry, predominately three-dimensional dose measurements and their clinical applications. The conference will be held as a single-track, workshop-style meeting with ample room for interaction between all attendees: new researchers in the field, including graduate students and medical physics residents, more experienced researchers, as well as company representatives.

IC3DDose serves as a meeting point between researchers developing new dosimeter systems and readout methods and researchers with a clinical background and motivation.

The tentative topics for the IC3Ddose 2024 are:

  • New materials and readout methods for advanced and 3D dosimetry
  • 3D (and 4D) dosimetry – basics and new developments
  • Novel dosimetry for the clinic today and for the emerging irradiation modalities of tomorrow (small field, MR-linac, protons, flash, grid therapy…)
  • Clinical dosimetry applications including
    • Evaluation of motion (-management) and deformation
    • Quality assurance (QA) incl. end-to-end
  • Linear Energy Transfer (LET) mapping
  • Real-time 3D dose imaging incl. scintillation and Cherenkov
  • Optically-stimulated-luminescence (OSL) based 3D dosimetry
  • 3D dose reconstruction, modeling, and data evaluation including artificial-intelligence (AI) approaches


The conference will be held at the campus of Aarhus University, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. This will ensure that we will be able to keep registration fees at a minimum.