Invited Speakers

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Opening Lecture: 

Jay T. Lennon (Indiana Univ., USA): Microbial ageing and longevity.  

1. Energy requirements in laboratory culture

Philippe van Cappellen (Univ. Waterloo, CND): Syntrophic microbial growth yield at low energy quantum and low energy flux.

Victoria Orphan (Caltec, USA): Growth dynamics of slow growing syntrophic ANME-bacterial consortia.

J. Gregory Ferry (Penn State, USA): Life on the thermodynamic edge: Respiratory growth of an acetotrophic methanogen.

2. Energy requirements and process rates in nature

Verena Heuer (Bremen Univ., D): Limits of the deep sub-seafloor biosphere.

Peter Girguis (Harvard Univ., USA): The microbial electric grid: the ecophysiology and geobiology of extracellular electron transfer at hydrothermal systems.

Tori M. Hoehler (NASA Ames, USA): Mass specific power at the organism and biosphere level.

3. Deep biosphere communities

Barbara Sherwood-Lollar (Univ. Toronto, CND): Microbial Minimalism: electron donors and acceptors and metabolic strategies in the deep terrestrial biosphere.

Cara Magnabosco (ETH Zürich, CH): Microbial evolution of deep life.

Mark A. Lever (ETH Zurich, CH): Temperature, energy availability, and interactions as drivers of sediment microbial community structure.

4. Microscale metabolic states in nature

Benedicte Menez (IPGP Paris, F): Microscale microbial carbon metabolism in the ocean crust.

Elisabeth Trembath-Reichert (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA): High-resolution stable isotope probing of deep biosphere activity.

Dani Or (ETH Zurich, CH): Microbial life in soil hotspots – biophysical processes and self-organization.

5. Microbial strategies

Amelia-Elena Rotaru (University of Southern Denmark, DK): Interspecies electron transfer by conducting minerals.

Alfred Spormann (Stanford University, USA): Metabolic Acclimation and Adaption to Energy-limited Deep Sea Environment.

Itay Halevy (Weizmann Inst., Israel): Energetic controls on patterns of microbial evolution.