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Anders-Christian Jacobsen

Associate professor of theology

Department of Culture and Society

Aarhus University.

I have worked on different aspects of Origen’s theology for many years. My interests have been concentrated on Origen’s theological anthropology, his theology of creation, his Christology and his eschatology, cf. the selected bibliography below. For the moment I am writing a book on Origen’s Christology.

I am director of the research programme Classical Antiquity and of the Centre for the Study of Antiquity and Christianity (C-SAC) at the Faculty of Arts. We are about 25-30 scholars, including doctoral and postdoctoral students, who work on different projects within the fields of theology, history of religion, classical philology, classical archaeology and ancient history. We have had major research projects on early Jewish and Christian apologetics, on holy texts in antiquity and late antiquity, and for the moment we are running a project on conversion and initiation in antiquity and late antiquity.

My main areas of teaching are patristics and dogmatics.


My contribution to Origen studies

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A full bibliography and curriculum vitae can be found at: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/anderschristian-jacobsen(e927d95b-1601-4a58-b215-276b37a3c73f).html