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Related PhD Seminar

PhD seminar: Friday, 30 August – Saturday 31 August 2013

The organisers of Colloquium Origenianum Undecimum have decided to add a PhD seminar to the conference. At this seminar, PhD students will have the opportunity to present and discuss their dissertations with fellow PhD students and senior scholars. The themes of the dissertations do not have to be related to the theme of the conference.

It is possible to present dissertations at all stages of the process of writing. In all cases, the PhD student must submit a short outline of the dissertation for discussion. This outline should include a table of (supposed) contents and a short abstract explaining the main ideas of the dissertation. For those who have written parts of their dissertation, it is possible also to submit a few pages (maximum 10). The deadline for submission is 1 July 2013.The material will be uploaded at the conference website in order for other participants to prepare for the seminar.

At the seminar, 45 minutes will be allocated to the presentation and discussion of each dissertation. The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. 30 minutes will be reserved for discussion. A senior scholar will open the discussion with some prepared comments on the presented material.

PhD students who present their work at the PhD seminar are also welcome to present a paper at the conference if they wish.

PhD students must register for the PhD seminar at the same time as they register for the conference. All who register before the deadline and who submit the necessary material will get the opportunity to present their work at the PhD-seminar.

There will be no additional fees for participating in the PhD seminar.