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World Palm Symposium 2015

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... on August 10-12   

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The World Palm Symposium 2015 is the sixth in a series that started in Ithaca (1987) and then continued at Miami (1995), New York (1997), London (2005) and Montpellier (2010). 

Initially planned to be hosted in Denmark by the Danish palm research team, the Symposium will now be held in Colombia. For the first time, this event will take place in a tropical country, in fact, one of the world’s most palm-rich countries.

The Symposium will be developed in collaboration between the University of Aarhus, the National University of Colombia, The Quindío Botanical Garden, and the IRD and CIRAD institutes in France.


The World Palm Symposium 2015 has changed its venue from the Cocora valley in Salento to the Hotel Las Camelias, in Montenegro, 30 km SW from the original location.
This change offers the possibility of having all participants gathered at a single place.
Las Camelias is a rural hotel surrounded by coffee plantations and includes swimming pools, gym and disco, thus offering the best opportunities for social activities after sessions.

Time and Place



June 22-26 - 2015

The venue adjoins one of the most extraordinary palm landscapes: The Cocora Valley, in Salento, Quindío, in the Central Andes, where large palm stands of Ceroxylon quindiuense are found in forest and pastures. These stands include some of the world’s tallest palms, over 50 m tall.