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Post Publications

Michael Fay, Editor-in-Chief of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society has agreed to publish a special issue of BJLS on palms following our symposium. The contributions will appear as normal articles in the journal and the entire issue will be on palms. There will be an introductory page written by the guest editors Henrik Balslev and Rodrigo Bernal who will handle the review process.


Manuscript should be submitted within two weeks after the symposium via the journal webpage. As the manuscripts are ready for publication they will appear as early-online versions in the journal and then — during the first half of 2016 — they will all appear together as one volume. We are negotiating a “free-publication” agreement, i.e. one with no pay by authors and no pay for readers subsequently.


All manuscripts should follow the format of the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1095-8339).