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Publication strategies mini-workshop

This mini-workshop will be an opportunity to discuss main issues related to the scientific dissemination process. We are inviting a total of five speakers, each talk will be 15 min + 5 min questions and there will be a brief discussion panel at the end.


  • María José Sanín, CES University, Colombia. Getting started in scientific publication: pitfalls and potentials, balance between good quality and high impact publications during the Doctorate. 


  • Wolf Eiserhardt, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, United Kingdom. Peer review: why reviewer 2 is not your enemy. Strategies for making the reviewer happy, and for dealing with critical comments. Writing with the reviewer in mind can both prevent frustration and greatly improve the resulting paper. 


  • Christine Bacon, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Multitasking and publication networking: How can you make the best of your time while working on multiple papers/projects simultaneously? What are the benefits of co-authorship and the importance of social networks in science? 


  • Henrik Balslev, Aarhus University, Denmark. Editor's perspective: why does impact factor matter? Limited vs. Open access publications.

Organized by Ingrid Olivares. All inquiries must be directed to: EMAILilolivaresa@gmail.com