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Post-Symposium Field Trips

1. Cocora Valley (40 km from the venue) and Toche (60 km from the venue)

Admire the amazing Quindío wax palms (Ceroxylon quindiuense) at the picturesque Cocora Valley and stand by the world’s tallest palms (51 m). Then continue to Toche to admire the huge stands of this species (hundreds of thousands of palm trees). One tour, one day.
Date: June 27, 2015 9 am-5-pm
Departure: Hotel Las Camelias (symposium venue).
Tour cost: USD 50
Tour cost includes transportation, guide, lunch and refreshments.

2. Serranía del Darién, in the Colombia-Panama border

Sabinaria magnifica and many other palm species.
Two successive tours, 4 days each.

Dates of field trips:
Field trip 1: June 28-July 1
June 28 Armenia-Medellín-Capurganá (1.5 hours flight) Serranía del Darién (5 hours by mule)
June 29 -30 Palm exploration at the Serranía del Darién
July 1 Serranía del Darién-Capurganá-Medellín-Armenia

Field trip 2: July 2-5, 2015 (same itinerary as trip 1)
Departure city: Armenia.
Each tour will be conducted with a fixed number of 10 participants (subject to all 10 places being filled)
Field trips will be accompanied by Rodrigo Bernal and/or Gloria Galeano

Tour cost: USD 1780
Field trip cost includes:
-Air ticket Armenia-Medellín-Armenia
-Charter flight Medellín-Capurganá-Medellín
-Mule for each participant plus mules for gear
-Basic accommodation in multiple rooms in the forest, with shared sanitary facilities - Meals
-Local guide

Further details of field trips can be obtained from the Symposium secretariat (palms2015_fcbog@unal.edu.co).