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Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2024

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Aarhus PtX Symposium, taking place in the centre of Aarhus at Central Værkstedet and Comwell and at Aarhus University on 28-31 May.

This year, we are expanding the setup, with interesting activities, an increased number of knowledgeable speakers, and great venues. However, we are still limited on spaces, so hurry up and secure your pass! 

Uniting Industry and Academia

Recognized for uniting industry and academia, Aarhus PtX Symposium 2024 is the place where hydrogen and green fuels happens.

By connecting the brightest researcher from Denmark and abroad, with the most ambitious companies within the industry, our aim is to generate market traction and actual capacity deployment.  

The Main Conference

The main conference lasts two days and the theme for 2024 is: “Making your PtX project happen”.

Each day covers both the mature innovative developments ready to be implemented today, and the early-stage insights that will shape the PtX market of tomorrow.

After the morning plenaries, we'll take some deeper dives in the afternoon breakout sessions, which we've divided into three main tracks: Technology, Commercialization and Systems Integration & Operations.

Conference topics

This year’s event provides the newest insights on technology development, marketization of PtX and sector coupling, system integration and operation, all essential for realizing the potential of the hydrogen economy.

Topics that will be addressed at the Symposium include:

  • Zero carbon shipping.
  • Electrolyzer modeling and optimization.
  • Recent developments of electrolysis technology.
  • Large scale H2 Infrastructure & system integration.
  • Grid integration & system control.
  • System integration, analysis & optimization of PtX parks.
  • Digitally driven operation & optimization of PtX parks.
  • Carbon sourcing.and the value of carbon.
  • Best practices for managing your PtX project.
  • Taking new technologies to market.
  • The future market for green hydrogen.
  • Testing and certification.

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Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2024 is co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.