Aarhus University Seal


If you are travelling to Aarhus University and the Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium by car, please note that it can be difficult to find free parking spaces during weekdays on the Aarhus University campus.

As a guest of Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2022, you can park for free between 6:00 on Monday 12 June and 23:00 on Tuesday 13 June if you register your license plate number through this link

Important: During the specified period, the parking permit is only valid for parking spaces covered by Aarhus University’s employee parking. The parking spaces are marked with black ParkZone signs with the heading “AU medarbejderparkering”.

The parking spaces covered by AU’s employee parking can be seen on this map

Please note that the permit is consequently not valid for

•  the parking spaces by the Museum of Natural History and the Steno Museum in the University Park

•  parking on public roads in and around the University Park where municipal parking rules apply cf. signposting.