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At Centralværkstedet, Smedien, and Comwell Aarhus

The conference venue offers free wireless internet access for all conference participants.

Connect by selecting the "comwellhotels" Wi-Fi and log in using the password "comwellhotels".

At Aarhus University

Aarhus University provides two wireless networks that can be used across the entire campus: Eduroam and AU-Guest. If you do not have access to Eduroam through your research institution, you can access the university’s local WiFi, AU-Guest. 

Eduroam is an international roaming service for students, researchers and university staff. You can find a guide on how to set up Eduroam here.

How to set up AU-Guest

1. Select “AU-Guest” from the list of networks.

2. Open your internet browser, which will display the log-in page for AU-Guest. If this does not happen automatically, try navigating to au.dk.

3. Log on to the network using your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft account or by receiving a confirmation text message.


1. Check whether WiFi access is enabled on your device. If it is, try turning it off and on again before reconnecting to AU-Guest.

2. If the log-in page still does not open, try accessing another website than au.dk.

3. Clicking the AU logo on the log-in page will direct you to the Eduroam installation program, which may not be available to you. Try one of the other log-in options instead.

4. Call IT support at +45 8715 0955.