Aarhus University Seal

Transport to Aarhus

By plane

Via Billund Airport
For most international visitors, the most convenient way of getting to Aarhus is via Billund Airport, which has direct connections to many European cities. A shuttle will take you directly from the airport to downtown Aarhus (about 1,5 hours). You can find the departure times of the shuttle at the journey-planner website Rejseplanen.dk by searching for connections between “Billund Airport (bus)” and “Aarhus Rutebilstation”. Tickets can be purchased on the bus with all major credit cards and Danish kroner.

Via Aarhus Airport
Aarhus also has its own airport, with direct flights to a selection of European cities. You can also transfer at Copenhagen Airport for a flight to Aarhus. From the airport, a shuttle will take you to the city centre (about 50 minutes), and it includes a stop just outside the Aarhus University campus, “Nobelparken”. Tickets can be purchased on the bus with cash (including euros, American dollars, British pounds) and with selected credit cards. For more information and departure times, visit the Aarhus Airport website.

By train an bus

Aarhus Central Station, “Aarhus H”, lies in the heart in the city. If you are traveling from southern or central Europe, you can connect to a train to Aarhus at Hamburg (c. 5 hours); if you are traveling from the rest of Scandinavia or from eastern Europe, you can catch a connection at Copenhagen Central Station (c. 3,5 hours). You can plan your journey and purchase your ticket at the DSB website for international travellers. The main intercity bus services operating in Denmark are Flixbus and Kombardo.

By car

Aarhus has direct connections to the European highway network, making it easy to get there from most European cities. The Danish road system is free to access, with the exception of ferries and bridges. From Hamburg, the drive to Aarhus is c. 4 hours; from Copenhagen, it is c. 3 hours. If you are travelling to the conference by car, click here to find more information on how and where to park your car.