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Call for papers

ALGOSENSORS 2016 call for papers

ALGOSENSORS is an international symposium dedicated to the algorithmic aspects of wireless networks. Originally focused on sensor networks, it now covers algorithmic issues arising in wireless networks of all types of computational entities, static or mobile, including sensor networks, sensor-actuator networks, autonomous robots. The focus is on the design and analysis of algorithms, models of computation, and experimental analysis.  

In year 2016 ALGOSENSORS has three tracks:

  • Distributed & Mobile  
  • Experiments & Applications 
  • Wireless & Geometry  

Each paper must be submitted to a single track that fits the topic of the paper best. While the tracks Distributed & Mobile and Wireless & Geometry deal primarily with algorithmic and theoretical results, the Experiments & Applications track covers papers where the evaluation is of more practical nature (tests, simulations, experiments, position papers).

  • Approximation Algorithms 
  • Communication Protocols 
  • Complexity and Computability 
  • Computational Models 
  • Cryptography, Security and Trust 
  • Cyber Physical Systems 
  • Data Aggregation and Fusion 
  • Deployment 
  • Energy Management 
  • Error Correcting Codes 
  • Experimental Analysis 
  • Fault Tolerance and Dependability 
  • Game Theoretic Aspects 
  • Infrastructure Discovery 
  • Localization 
  • Medium Access Control 
  • Mobility & Dynamics 
  • Obstacle Avoidance 
  • Pattern Formation 
  • Performance Evaluation 
  • Power Saving Schemes 
  • Randomized Algorithms 
  • Resource Efficiency 
  • RFID Algorithms 
  • Routing and Data Propagation 
  • Self-stabilization, Self-* Properties Swarm Computing Systems and 
  • Testbeds Time Synchronization Topology Control Tracking Virtual 
  • Infrastructures