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Late registration is open via this link.

Conference and workshop fees 

The ALGO fee is a mix of a fixed fee and a daily fee depending on the number of days you wish to participate and whether you are a student or a regular participant. 

The fee for a given day includes attendance in all ALGO conference sessions on that day and lunches and refreshments throughout the day. 

Both the fixed and daily fee depend on the registration date (early registration is cheaper).


Examples of potential registration combinations: 

  • regular participant registers early for ESA. The participant stays 3 days with a total fee of EUR 240 (fixed fee EUR 75 + 3* daily fee of EUR 55)
  • student participant registers late for ESA and ATMOS. The participant stays for 4 days with a total fee of EUR 345 (fixed fee EUR 85 + 4* daily fee of EUR 65)

Cancelation policy

  • 100 % refund til August 8, 2016
  • No refund after August 8, 2016

Payment options

Payment is possible in EUR via PayPal (using a credit/debit card), and only through the provided link to the official webshop.

Conference dinner and barbecue 

A conference dinner is planned on Tuesday evening and a barbecue is planned to take place on Wednesday evening. Registering for any given conference through out the week automatically gives you a dinner and barbecue ticket. 

Additional tickets may be purchased in the webshop (e.g. for an accompanying person) for the cost of EUR 73 (dinner) and EUR 25 (barbecue). 

EACTS membership

ALGO is organized in cooperation with European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). ESA participants that are not yet members of EATCS will be charged 30 EUR for one year EATCS membership (two year membership for students) during online registration. The membership gives you reduced fees at various conferences (e.g., ICALP, MFCS) and other discounts.